People who value practicality above all else but aren’t huge fans of the minivan way of life can find refuge in the 2022 Honda Pilot. For the record, the three-row SUV cannot match the adaptability and space of the Honda Odyssey, with which it shares a base and a quick V-6 engine.

The Pilot makes up for its lack of sliding doors and third-row stretch-out space with a higher driving position, optional all-wheel drive, and a 5000-pound towing capacity. In addition, it includes a lot of basic driver assistance systems and a roomy, pleasant cabin. It’s bad that its exterior is completely forgettable, especially when compared to visually appealing competitors like the Kia Telluride. Even though the 2022 Pilot isn’t very attractive or enjoyable to drive, some people prefer it to a minivan.

2022 Honda Pilot Price in Nigeria
2022 Honda Pilot Price in Nigeria

The automakers really tried to up their game with the introduction of a turbocharged engine, but it falls flat in comparison to other lacklustre features that the Pilot projects. The Pilot was just a rendition of the old model with just a better engine. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good buy and an investment. Let us see what the Honda Pilot has to deliver for the 2022 model year.

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2022 Honda Pilot Trim Levels

The trim levels available for the Pilot in this model year are Sport, EX-L, Premier, Special Edition, TrailSport, Touring, Elite, and Black Edition. The Pilot Special Edition, in most opinions, offers the best value in terms of both features and cost. It has leather-trimmed upholstery, roof rails, second-row sunshades, a sunroof, black 20-inch alloys, a hands-free motorized tailgate, and wireless charging. The 2022 Honda Pilot stands out in a market that is heavily populated with three-row SUVs thanks to its versatility. Your family may travel in luxury thanks to first-rate amenities, room for up to eight passengers, and a lot of baggage capacity.

2022 Honda Pilot Trim Levels
2022 Honda Pilot Trim Levels

The Sports trim level is your starting point when deciding which 2022 Honda Pilot is best for you because it provides a basic selection of interior, performance, and safety options to support your trip. The EX-L and Special Edition are enhancements that offer more practical and user-friendly features.

The Touring, Elite, and Black Edition trim levels of the 2022 Honda Pilot are your upscale trim levels, loaded with goodies including an improved audio system, a cutting-edge rear entertainment system, plush seating materials, and a unique all-black trim colour.

2022 Honda Pilot Engine, Transmission, and Execution

The Pilot’s V-6 has enough power and a lively sound, and most appreciate how quiet the nine-speed automated transmission is. The Honda is not the heaviest three-row crossover to drive, but due to its size, it might seem heavy when turning. The 20-inch wheels that come with the higher trims detract slightly from the ride quality while improving the Pilot’s otherwise awkward appearance. Additionally, even when fully laden with passengers and goods, the car travels very smoothly. The Pilot occasionally seems separated from the road due to its lack of body control. And while its mild steering makes it easy to manage in parking lots, it also adds to the car’s disconnected appearance on highways.

2022 Honda Pilot Fuel Efficiency and Actual MPG 

The Pilot is exceptionally fuel-efficient for such a large and useful vehicle, according to ratings. The fuel efficiency is strong within Honda’s showroom. 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway are the fuel economy estimates for the front-wheel-drive model. All-wheel drive reduces both official ratings by 1 mpg, giving a combined 19 city and 26 highway mpg.

2022 Honda Pilot Interior

2022 Honda Pilot Interior
2022 Honda Pilot Interior

The Pilot’s interior is roomy and useful, and it comes with extras for families, like an in-cabin PA system. For those who need to seat eight, the majority of trim levels include a second row that is three across. More expensive models reduce the number of passengers to seven by omitting the bench in favour of two captain’s chairs.

The low seat cushions in the roomy third row, though, make it only useful for children. On the dashboard of the Pilot, there are 16 cupholders in total, as well as easy-to-use climate controls and a clearly indicated gauge cluster.

The Pilot offers best-in-class visibility thanks to its elevated seating position, large windows, and discreet roof pillars. The driver also has a commanding view of the road thanks to the SUV’s high seating position. The cargo space on this Honda is obscenely big, with other components and features in the cabin area.

It’s one of the roomiest SUVs in its class, but the cargo capacity varies between the seven-and eight-seat configurations since the second-row centre console in the Elite and seven-seat Touring trims cannot be removed. The cargo floor’s flexible configuration can be chosen to maximize available space or to make room for an underfloor storage area.

2022 Honda Pilot Exterior

2022 Honda Pilot Exterior
2022 Honda Pilot Exterior

There isn’t much to report here, and we believe that the Honda Pilot’s look is one of its biggest flaws—a makeover has been a long time coming. The Pilot boasts outstanding functionality, respectable standard amenities, and competitive fuel economy ratings in the classic Honda manner, but opts for understated aesthetics over a more modern design. The Pilot comes across as dull in comparison to rivals like the brash Kia Telluride, and that wagon-like side profile does nothing to improve its street cred.

Even if the Honda Pilot Black Edition adds additional attitude, we don’t think it goes far enough. Low-beam LED headlights and LED fog lights are included as standard equipment across the range. All variants include a power tailgate and a one-touch power moonroof (hands-free above the EX-L level). Premium variants come with a panoramic roof. Based on the trim, wheel diameters range from 18 to 20 inches.

2022 Honda Pilot Price 

The price of the Pilot has significantly increased in the past few years, and the 2022 model is no different. The most expensive of the trim levels is the Black Edition, probably owing to the fact that it is the most outstanding of the rest. The Sport trim is the cheapest, probably because of its standard features that cut across other trim levels. The price of the trim levels is:

  • 2022 Honda Pilot Sport: $39,375.
  • 2022 Honda Pilot EX-L: $41,600.
  • 2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition: $42,205.
  • 2022 Honda Pilot TrailSport: $46,105.
  • 2022 Honda Pilot Touring: $46,165.
  • 2022 Honda Pilot Elite: $51,665.
  • 2022 Honda Black Edition $53,165.

2022 Honda Pilot Specifications

Specifications 2022 Honda Pilot 
Engine Type     Gas
Transmission 9-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Type     Front wheel drive
Cylinders V6
Total Seating     8
city/highway MPG     20/27 MPG
Fuel tank capacity   . 19.5 gal
Price in Nigeria 28,000,000 – 39,000,000 million naira

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honda Pilot a good car?

 The Honda Pilot is a solid midsize SUV. With three rows of comfortable seats, a sizable load area, and a high-quality cabin, it succeeds on almost all counts. Thanks to a strong base V6 engine and a good balance of handling ability and ride comfort, driving it is also not boring. The Pilot offers a huge number of standard features, although astute techies could object to the infotainment system’s complexity. While the Pilot features numerous active safety features and has very good ratings for that.

Should I buy a Honda Pilot?

Although this Honda is a decent car, most do not automatically suggest it. One of the priciest SUVs in its class is this Honda. You’d be wise to take into account other top competitors in the class, such as the Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade. These SUVs have finer interiors and more modern electronics than Honda while sharing a common parent corporation and being fairly identical to one another.

Where can I buy a Tokunbo Honda Pilot in Nigeria?

You can get your second-hand or brand-new Honda at Take a look through our website, and you will see the variety of cars we have for sale. You can also reach us via our other platforms.


Based on reviews and ratings, the Honda Pilot has been praised for its ample luggage and interior room, a quick and fuel-efficient V-6 power plant, and a long list of well-liked standard equipment. It doesn’t have many drawbacks apart from the third row not being suitable for extended periods of time; it resembles a lifted minivan, and the touchscreen is anything but user-friendly. Overall, the Pilot is a great choice for anyone who wants some of the utility of a minivan without any of the stigma.

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