A British Nigerian Actor, Toheeb Jimoh, looks like he is running in his 20s in the pictures he posts on Instagram. However, the actor hasn’t revealed his actual age on his social sites.  How Old Is Toheeb Jimoh? Know His Birthday Toheeb Jimoh is a British Nigerian actor. Actor Toheeb looks like he is running from his early to mid-20s in the pictures he shares on his Instagram. The actual age of the actor is not disclosed yet to the public by the actor. Jimoh is best known for his appearances in Ted Lasso as Sam Obisanya. Though the actual birthplace of actor Toheeb is known to be the United Kingdom, his birth date details are still unknown. Toheeb Jimoh Height Ted Lasso actor, Toheeb Jimoh, stands in between the average height of 173-175 cm. The fit body and magnetic smile in his picture on his Instagram make the actor stand out in every way. Toheeb Jimoh has posted the picture holding a ball on Instagram captioning “Ted Lasso Season 2 • July 23rd • (Only three weeks away!!) 💙❤💙❤🇳🇬”. The Instagram posts show that he is excited for Ted Lasso, and from his pictures, it’s observed that the comic role best suits a smiling personality like him. Actor Toheeb Jimoh Parents The actor Toheeb Jimoh was born in the United Kingdom. His parents are of Nigerian descent. The actor hasn’t disclosed the name of his parents nor posted their pictures on his social site Instagram @toheeb.j and Twitter @Toheeb_Jimoh1. Thus the actual name of his parents is not known till today. He mostly spent his time in the UK while growing up. [ Besides Uk, he too spent time living in Nigeria when he was growing up.  He attended The Norwood School, located at the south end in London. Finally, Jimoh graduated in 2018, after training at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Toheeb Jimoh Girlfriend Toheeb Jimoh already has made 72 posts with 43.1k followers on Instagram and has 30.2 k followers on his Twitter account. Both the posts and tweets are related to the show Ted Lasso. He has posted many pictures with the co-actors of the show Ted Lasso on Instagram. On his Twitter, he mostly tweets regarding the same show. The dating history of the handsome actor, Toheeb Jimoh, is still to be disclosed to the public.  

Nikocado Avocado is an alias name for Youtuber Nicholas Perry who started a conceptual show from the South Korean Youtube Genre Mukbang. Eating a wide variety of food many times a day is dragging the Youtuber towards obesity and disability. 

Nicholas is a Youtuber, blogger and Violinist who was born in Ukraine. He was adopted by a family from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as an infant.

Perry had to go through a lot due to mental health problems from an early age and had to take antidepressants.

Furthermore, he had to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at the same time.  A bitter and sweet experience of life has affected the health of Avocado, however, it has also made him famous in the latter days at the present as a famous Youtuber.

Nikocado Avocado’s Wiki and Bio

Nikocado has more than six youtube channels whereas 5.1 million subscribers combined. He has 563.6M views in the main channel and the views all together count to over 1.1 billion.

Before becoming famous as Mukbang themed foody he was a fine violinist and he used to post videos playing the violin.

After he got himself an alias name Nikocado Avocardo he started to make videos with his then-boyfriend from Colombia which started to gain some popularity in 2014.

Nikocado and disability fact-checked

The recent videos of Nikocado are consumed by the viewers vigorously. Due to overeating, he has gained so much weight that he is seen eating food and making mukbang themed videos from the bed.

In the videos, he is always surrounded by the food items stacked up to the ceiling.

His fans and well-wisher are concerned about his health which might cause a permanent disability in the near future. At the same time, other people slay him being greedy and ruining his health just for views.

He seems obese but active making videos on his Tiktok channel

Meet Nikocado Avocado on Instagram

You can find Nikocaado on his Instagram with 34.6K followers and 26 posts as username nikocadoavacado_real. The new Instagram is kept private by Avocado this time.

His first Instagram was deleted which had almost 500k followers.

Nevertheless, his following is increasing not only on Instagram but also on other platforms like cameo.com,paetron.com and many more.

He is also active in selling shirts, t-shirts through his Merchs online.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 10:46 am

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