Actor: Did Garrett Hilbert From ‘Dude Perfect’ Die? Everything On His Net Worth And More

The co-founder of Dude Perfect, Garrett Hilbert has reportedly died as per various people and sources online. Did he actually Die? If So, what was his death cause?

Garrett Hilbert was the co-founder of the renowned American YouTube channel Dude Perfect, which he founded with other members.

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular and highly viewed YouTube channels out there that specializes in trick shots of various sports, especially basketball.

One of the founding members of such a big channel, Garrett Hilbert has died recently as per various sources and talks online.

Hilbert even though was not much seen on-screen on the videos, appeared in few videos and was the main sponsor of the channel.

Now, the rumours of his unfortunate death have shattered the audience as they are looking if the person is actually dead.

Thus, here is a compiled report on the death news of Hilbert and his other personal details.

Did Garrett Hilbert From Dude Perfect Die?

Seeing all the news and talks online, it seems like the Dude Perfect co-founder, Garrett Hilbert has actually died.

However, the official press release or the news of his demise has not been made to date, thus it might as well be a rumour only.

The news of Hilbert’s death appears to have started after a TikTok video that contained the news of his passing was shared.

As per the information on that TikTok video, the co-founder of Dude Perfect, Garrett Hilber’s death cause was a car accident.

His car was hit by a truck that came on the wrong side where Hilbert was driving.

Garrett was going to meet the other YouTube channel members at the headquarter for discussing another video plan when the accident took place, as the notice reads.

It further mentions that the other members of the channel were informed by Garrett’s wife who was absolutely devastated by the news.

Despite all these, as the official obituary has not been released yet, it is not cent per cent confirmed that Hilbert has really died.

How Old Was Garrett Hilbert?

Garrett Hilbert was at the age of 34 years old at the time of his death, believing it is true.

He was born on May 13, 1987, in Texas, United States. Hilbert grew up in Texas was based in the same place.

Garrett was interested in Basketball from an early age that he played in his high school as his favourite sport.

It was in 2009 when Hilbert was at the age of around 22 that he and his friends started the YouTube channel Dude Perfect, as mentioned in Dudeperfect Fandom.

He initially planned to set up a basketball goal in his backyard and film the shots, which eventually got them to start a YouTube channel.

Who Is Garrett Hilbert Wife?

Garrett Hilbert got married to his wife Kristen Hilbert in 2011 and was seemingly happy together in love.

Garrett and his wife Kristen have three children together, Owen Hilbert, Lincoln Hilbert and Iris Hilbert.

The youngest among them is their daughter Iris who recently turned three years in April.

Looking at the family pictures that he has shared on Instagram, it is pretty clear that the Hilbert family lives a happy life together travelling and having fun.

What Was Garrett Hilbert Net Worth?

The late Garrett Hilbert is reported to have had a net worth of around $10 million in 2021 as per Idolnetworth.

The channel that he started on YouTube in 2009, Dude Perfect has over 56 million subscribers and around 13.5 billion views at the moment.

Hence, the major source of his net worth figure seems to be the income from the YouTube channel while he might have also made other personal investments.

Meet Garrett Hilbert On Instagram

Garrett Hilbert was available on Instagram under the handle @garretthilbert.

He had a verified Instagram account with over 1 million followers where he usually shared his personal life and family photos.

In the photos, it can be clearly seen that family enjoyed the time together often visiting different places.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 8:15 am

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