Alen Hadzic Wife And Family- All About The US Fencer Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Fencer Alen Hadzic has not introduced his wife on the internet yet, however, he was investigated for sexual misconduct back in June. 

Alen Hadzic is an American fencer competing in the epee. He is currently participating in the Tokyo Olympics as a fencer for the United States of America.

However, he is having a bad time in the game as his teammates wore a pink mask in the introduction ceremony as a protest for Alen being on the team amid the sexual allegations against him.

He also lost the appeal to move into the Olympic Village and was kept outside apart from the other participants.

Let us learn more about Alen Hadzic and take a closer look at his wife and Sexual Allegations

Who Is Alen Hadzic Wife? Is He Married?

Alen Hadzic does not have a wife yet as he has not married anyone till now.

In fact, the athlete has never spoken about his relationship status or his partner in public yet.

Similarly, he has kept the information about his past dating history and his girlfriend safe with himself as of now.

By the look of things, Alen seems to be single at the moment and could be keeping his eyes open for the love of his life.

Or it is also possible that the athlete is already in a relationship and keeping his love life away from the public. One can never be sure.

Meet Alen Hadzic Family

Alen Hadzic has never introduced his parents or family on the internet or to the general public yet.

Despite the information about his family is being searched for by the general public, the media has not been able to establish a reach with his family yet.

The names of Hadzic’s parents have also not come to the surface yet along with their details.

Information about his other family members and siblings, if he has any, is also a mystery for the general public as of now.

Nonetheless, various online websites and media houses are trying to find information about his family as you read this article.

Alen Hadzic Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Explained

American fencer Alen Hadzic has been accused of sexual misconduct by three different women.

The investigations about the allegations are going on and the authorities have not reached a conclusion yet.

The athlete has denied the claims about the sexual misconduct but the mystery is yet to be solved.

Three women claim the incident happened between 2013 and 2015. The identity of the women has been kept secret as of now.

However, his lawyer claim Alen has never committed any sexual misconduct or has been charged with rape or any other civil crimes.

He was also suspended back in June and barely made it to the Olympics after his suspension was lifted.

More evidence of the investigations are on their way and everything will be clear once the investigations comes to end.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 12:46 pm

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