Alina Mayo Azze Age Wikipedia: Learn Everything About The Anchor

Alina Mayo Azze

61-year-old reporter Alina Mayo Azze made headlines when she was laid off her job in Channel 23.

Regular news watchers of Miami are pretty familiar with Alina Mayo Azze. She has been the face of Univision for over 35 years.

The anchor started her journey with Channel 23 in the year 1981. After seven years of serving the channel, she was not satisfied with her standing in the show. So, she decided to quit and join Telemundo in 1988.

In just three years, she realized her mistake and returned to her roots in Channel 23.

Alina Mayo Azze Age And Height Details: When Is Her Birthday?

Alina Mayo Azze has remained mysterious about her personal information. According to the sources, she is 61 years old.

Details about her height and birthday have not been disclosed.

Azze is the daughter of Cuban parents. Shortly after her birth, they decided to move to the States for a better life.

The family moved to Florida, where Alina completed her studies.

Furthermore, she spent her early years on the beaches of Florida, where she studied at the University of Miami.

Alina Mayo Azze Wikipedia: Who Is The Anchor?

Alina Mayo Azze is a news anchor for Univision Channel 23. Unfortunately, she does not have a Wikipedia page.

In January of 2021, she got fired from her job. Sources have confirmed that the 6 am newscaster will no longer be the face of the Univision network.

The mass layoff impacted Alina and a few of her colleagues.

When asked about the ordeal, she replied that it was expected.

Moreover, she is to be replaced by her colleague, Sandra Peebles.

Is Alina Mayo Azze Married? Husband Revealed

Alina Mayo Azze married her husband for many years. The private journalist likes to keep this part of her life hidden as she has not disclosed the name of her life partner.

The duo seemed to be madly in love and find pleasure in going on hikes together.

The pair live in their residence in California.

Meet Alina Mayo Azze On Instagram

You can meet Alina Mayo Azze on her Instagram handle @alinamayoazze and be a part of her 3k followers.

Here, she promotes her career to the fullest.

Moreover, she received prestigious awards like EMMY awards, ACRIN awards, and ACCA Awards.

Currently, she holds the title of one the South Florida’s most respected journalists.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 2:14 pm

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