Allan Raskall Wikipedia: Facts To Know About Channel 9 Reporter

The freelance journalist Allan Raskall has to wait some more time to see his biography on Wikipedia. 

Allan Raskall is a TV News Reporter from Australia.

He is from the Greater Melbourne area.

Let’s Learn About The Reporter: Allan Raskall’s Wikipedia

From Allan Raskall’s short profile on 9NEWS’s page and his Linkedin account, we have made a brief biography on the reporter.

Allan is a veteran journalist. He has more than two decades of experience working and covering news of Australia’s s biggest news.

It includes Royal tours, Victoria’s devastating Black Saturday bushfires, world economic summits, major sporting events, Federal and State elections,  and Melbourne’s gang war.

He completed his Bachelor’s in Bachelor of Arts-Communications.

Allan started his professional career with 9NEWS. He had done presenting, reporting, producing, and chief-of-staffing for 11 years in Sydney, Melbourne markets, and Darwin.

He has spent six years reporting for 7 News, 10 News,  and, SBS World News.

Who Is Allan Raskall’s Wife?

Allan Raskall is married to Martine. She is a businesswoman.

When the coronavirus pandemic made us sit in our homes and watch television, Martine decided that she will not sit at home doing anything. So, she started her own business.

Net Worth Of Allan Raskall From Channel 9

The net worth of Allan Raskall is under calculation.

Details of his official earnings are not reviewed. People were wanting to know about the reporter’s net worth, they have to wait some more time to see his total wealth and assets.

Allan Raskall earns a base salary of AU$70,140 by working as a TV Reporter. An experienced person like Allan himself can make up to AU$93,000 in a year (reports by PayScale).

Does Allan Raskall Have A Social Media Account? Is He On Twitter?

Allan Raskall is on Twitter. He made opened his Twitter in the year he got his job at 9NEWS (in 2013).

@AllanKaskall is his official handle which he uses actively.

Allan is blessed with 5k followers. In his recent tweet, he wrote, “Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks! Had heaps of fun on the farm today!”. He had retweeted 9NEWS tweet.

On Allan Raskall’s Family

He has been mum regarding the names of his family.

Allan has not allowed his fan to know about his parents, family member, or sibling.

We will notify you guys once we find any information on the web.

Updated: September 13, 2021 — 8:43 am

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