Are Franky And Maryse Still Together? Update On Married At First Sight UK Couple

FRANKY AND MARYSE were among the second batch of couples to tie the knot on the current Married At First Sight UK season. Are they still together?

Marilyse is a sporty and lovely Yorkshire lass who works as a personal trainer and lives a highly active lifestyle, and she’s looking for a man that shares her passion for fitness.

Her life’s ambition is to find a buddy with whom she can conquer the world! They need to acquire her two kids’ permission first. They want their mother to be with someone, but they have many ideas about who that person should be.

Franky is a strength & conditioning coach who is 46 years old. He is currently based in Dubai and is seeking to bring his new partner with him. Franky served in the military before relocating to the United Kingdom.

Are Franky And Maryse Still Together?

It’s unclear whether Franky and Marilyse are still together, but their relationship didn’t start well.

Franky, 47, is expected to be the first to divorce his mother-of-two Marilyse, 37, according to fans of the show.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will genuinely enjoy this speech because it’s possible that I will get to talk for a whole ten minutes without my wife interrupting me,” said Franky, the strength and conditioning coach who had spent the last 16 years in Dubai.

“A perfect marriage is about growing together as a couple and overcoming problems together.” “Did you get that?”

He said, ” “Thank you in advance for getting up every morning on our honeymoon and making me breakfast. I prefer my eggs to be runny.”

While the couple appeared to get along during their honeymoon, things became uncomfortable during ‘Yes Week,’ with Franky yelling at his wife.

Franky And Maryse, Where Are They Now 2021?

Franky appears to have returned to Dubai to continue working as a fitness coach.

Franky has been posting footage of his workouts in the sun, as well as a lot of topless selfies. It’s unclear whether Marilyse has ever paid him a visit in Dubai or if the two have split up.

Marilyse appears to have spent a lot of time in London with her friends and family, enjoying cocktails and meals out. She’s also shared several images with her two sons, Calum, 15, and Josh, 13, 15 and 13 years old, respectively.

There is no evidence that she is still communicating with Franky, and there are no photos from Dubai.

Franky And Maryse: Instagram

Both Franky and Maryse are hight active on their Instagram account. They both post frequently, letting their fans what they are up to every day.

Their user name goes by fitcoachfranky and marilyse_elena_corrigan_pt.

Franky has a total of 438 posts, 27.3k followers, 1,446 following as of the 27th of September, 2021.

Similarly, Maryse has a total of 1,750 posts, 45.6k followers, 1,764 following as of the 27th of September, 2021.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 4:45 pm

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