Berries and Cream Tiktok Trend – Where is Jack Ferver Little Lad Now?

Berries and Cream Tiktok is getting viral on Tiktok. Where is Jack Ferver aka the Starbust Little Lad now?

Tiktokers are known for bringing the old meme and songs back. Recently, they have reignited the over decade-old Berries and Cream dance.

Furthermore, we have found the original star of the commercial, Jack Ferver.

Berries and Cream Tiktok Trend –  Video and Audio Explained

Berries and Cream is a new Tiktok trend where creators act like the lad from the Starburst commercial.

The Starburst Berries and Cream was a popular flavour sold in the 2000s. But, the 2007 commercial increased its hype to the next level.

Directed by Randy Krallman, the ad starred Jack Ferver in the main role. It featured two men talking about the Starburst Berries and Cream, while Ferver overhears the conversation and gets excited.

Jack then does a very comical dance by singing “Berries and Cream, Berries and Cream,  I’m a little lad who loves Berries and Cream!”. Fast forward to 2021, the same Berries and Cream audio has gone viral on Tiktok.

Tiktokers are recreating the Berries and Cream video of their own. People sway their body left-right by clapping their hands and lip-syncing to the song.

Especially, people with haircuts (which resembles lord farquaad from Shrek) are doing the trend!

Where is Jack Ferver Little Lad Now?

Jack Ferver aka Little is now a Bard College professor.

Ferver is actually a professional dancer, choregrapher and actor. He has worked with production companies like New York Live Arts, The Kitchen, Abrons Art Center and many more.

As for now, he teaches to Brad students and is also a guest faculty New York University. Previously, he was employed for SUNY Purchase and The Juilliard School.

Rumours entail that Jack actually doesn’t like his role in the commercial. As a fact, he reportedly rarely talks about the commercial.

Nevertheless, netizens recently raided his Instagram with Berries and Cream comments since the meme started resurfacing.

How To do Berries and Cream Tiktok hack?

Berries and Cream Tiktok hack is actually very easy to do.

  1. First, find the original Berries and Cream Tiktok audio through this link
  2. Learn the dance by jumping sideways by clapping your hands
  3. Don’t forget the over the top expressions
  4. The iconic haircut will be a further cherry on the top
  5. Now, upload the Tiktok and wait for it to blow up.

Till now, over 19.3k Tiktoks have been created with the sound. Likewise, the hashtag #Berriesandcream has over 20.8 million views.

It certainly revives the nostalgia in many people.

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 9:41 pm

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