Bianca Bree Wiki (Jean Claude Van Damme Daughter) Age, Net Worth

Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme? Well, the Hollywood action hero who made us swoon with his kick-ass stuns.

From kickboxing to flying kicks and full splits, his films were a commercial success and absolute crowd-winner. ‘The Universal Soldier’ & ‘Bloodsport’ are few of his movies to name that demanded attention.

So, it was quite natural for his daughter, Bianca Bree for taking her father’s legacy forward! She has followed her father’s footstep by investing her time in all sort of sporty things.

Professional known as Bianca Bree, she is an actress, having appeared in movies including ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and ‘Assassination Games’.

Bianca Bree Wiki

Born Bianca Van Varenberg, she grew up around the show business watching her father actor/martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme perform on sets and is very athletic due to her momma, fitness competitor & ex-bodybuilder Gladys Portugues.

Due to her very sporty parents, she was thrown into sports at an early age and was exposed to ballet, karate, figure skating, and kick-boxing.

Upon moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia, she focused on speed skating and dreamt of participating in the Olympics.

However, an injury made her reconsider her choice and she eventually started and doing martial arts.

Bianca’s definitely inherited his skill and now that she’s professionally embraced the family business of martial arts, this father-and-daughter bond through the shared interest in fitness and competitiveness.

However, Bianca and Jean Claude’s never this bond as their relationship had its ups and downs intrigued by his Casanova nature.

After divorcing her mom in 1992, she and her brother Kristopher Van Varenberg (born 1987) was singlehandedly by Gladys Portugues.

However, her parents’ remarried in 1999 and the daughter-and-father reconciles their relationship ever since.

Just like her parents’, American-Belgium actress Bianca Bree has her Wiki page!

Bianca Bree Net Worth – Her Dad Jean Claude Van Damme Worth $30 Million Dollars

Actress and kick-boxer Bianca Bree’s just as badass as Jean Claude Van Damme who is worth around $30 million in 2019. But, how rich is firstborn, Bianca Bree in 2019?

With her pouty lips and sexy-pair of eyes, she looks like a glamorous model and then she performs full-split and leaps into a kick-ass roundhouse kick.

A mix of strength and grace, Bianca Bree hasn’t revealed the details on her wealth and which has deprived us of known the figure of her net worth or career earnings.

After all, appearing in a few movies has certainly made built her status as well as fortune. Having debuted on the entertainment industry as Kassie Robideaux in 2008’s ‘The Shepherd’, she further appeared in her father’s directed/produced ‘Solider’ in 2010.

Despite she has started speed skating, she went on to appear on ITV’s documented reality TV series called ‘Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors’ in 2011.

The next year, she landed a lead role in ‘Alien Uprising’ followed by part of Ashley in ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

Bianca Bree Age – How Old is this actress in 2019?

Born in 1990, Bianca Bree celebrates her birthday each year on October 17, and currently age 28.

Only 5-months far from celebrating her 29th birthday, Bianca is beautifully exotic Hollywood actress of Belgian-American descent.

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