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Brianna Paige Wikipedia: Before Brianna Paige was known as the wife of YouTuber Preston Arsement, and before she started an online career, Brianna Paige was making a career for herself as a registered nurse.

Brianna still is a nurse in Texas, but Preston of YouTube channels ‘PrestonPlayz’ & ‘TBNRfrags’ fame has taken her away from all that.

She now is a YouTuber, recognized by YouTube Diamond Play Button.

Known for her low-key lifestyle, Brianna Paige may not have her Wiki page, but her brief biography is readable on a few websites.

Go through this article to more on Brianna Paige Age, Brianna Paige Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, etc.

How much is Brianna Paige Net Worth?

Although Brianna Paige hasn’t disclosed her net worth or salary, she is certainly rolling in the big cheque and cash through her promotions, advertisements, and videos.

A registered nurse Brianna has grown to be influential social media and online presence, with over 74k Instagram followers and whopping YouTube subscribers.

The eccentric internet personality is known for her provocative demeanor, who successfully built a diverse career in acting, and online.

The wife of Preston also happens to be skilled at singing and performing. Speaking of such, she has starred in stage musicals like ‘Legally Blonde’, where she both enacted and sang.

Brianna Paige Family

A native of Wichita Falls, Texas, she was born Brianna Paige Barnhart. Coming from close-knit and unassuming family background, she is pretty close to her parents as she happens to their only child.

The alma mater of Wichita Falls High School in her hometown, she then attended the Texas Christian University and Simmons College.

And, as a registered nurse, she worked at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Moreover, as a budding singer, she has covered the song ‘Hurt’ by Christian Aguilera.

Brianna Paige Boyfriend – Preston Arsement

Brianna Paige and boyfriend Preston Arsement married young and continue enjoying more life experiences together.

Both Briana and Preston were at the tender age of 24 when they choose to settle down after dating each other for some time.

The two exchanged their vows in a private, cozy ceremony in May 2018 and the couple is still going strong together.

Briana was in her early 20s when she first started dating Preston, who is 4-months, her junior. Around that time, her boyfriend fame and popularity made her a household name in America.

Brianna Paige Height – Is She Above 5 Feet 2 Inches (1.57 m)?

You must have seen Brianna Paige with her high-heel on Instagram pictures or at YouTube videos – she slays!

Besides her affinity of wearing massive heels, Brianna Paige barely towers above 5 feet 2 inches when it comes to her actual height.

Beside 5’2’’ stature, if you’ve seen her videos, you will agree that Brianna is funny, smart, sexy, beautiful and just the whole package.

Brianna Paige Age: 25

Born in 1994, Brianna Paige recently celebrated her birthday on January 2, and currently ages 25.

As per Mr. Preston, he is only 4-year junior to his ladylove and is just a month away from celebrating his 25th-birthday on May 4.

Updated: September 10, 2021 — 8:00 pm

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