Burdett Loomis Cause Of Death: How Did The Political Scientist Die? Everything To Know

Political scientist Burdett Loomis passed away at the age of 76 on September 25, 2021. How did he die?

Burdett Loomis was a longtime political scientist at the University of Kansas. He joined the university in 1979 as an assistant professor.

He became the two-time chairman of Kansas University’s Political Science department. In 2005, he was the director of administrative communication for the Democratic Government Kathleen Sebelius.

He formerly worked at Knox College in Western Illinois. He also wrote regular columns after retiring from the university.

He had written and published several books including Republic on Trial, The Sound of Money, and more.

Burdett Loomis Cause Of Death: How Did The Political Scientist Die?

Burdett Loomis has sadly passed away on September 25, Saturday, in the presence of his family, according to US News.

The political scientist was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and died due to related complications. He died at his Lawrence home.

Burdett’s colleagues and students affectionately called him Bird. He was regarded as a mentor by the generation of students.

One of his colleagues, David, described him as an irreplaceable member of the Kansas University community. He also remembered Burdett as a trusted friend and advisor.

Another friend, Eric Pahls, also took to Twitter to pay a tribute to the late author. As per his tweet, they did not have many things in common but enjoyed talking about the horse race. He prayed for his family at the end of his post.

Burdett Loomis Wife And Family- Who Was He Married To?

Burdett Loomis is survived by his wife and family but had kept their identities private from media attention.

Although his Facebook bio shows his marital status as married, he never shared any pictures of his wife on social media.

Also, it’s uncertain if he has any children at the time of the publication.

How Old Was Burdett Loomis? Age Explored

Burdett Loomis’s age was 76 years old at the time of his death.

He was born in the year 1945 in the United States and went to Berkshire School. Afterward, he attended Carleton College.

What Is Burdett Loomis Net Worth?

Burdett Loomis’s verified net worth is not yet disclosed.

But, as a well-regarded political scientist with over four decades of experience, he may have a net worth of at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

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