Chef: Clodagh McKenna Children -Where Is She From? Everything To Know

Chef Clodagh McKenna has 3 step-children with Harry Herbert. She was born in Ireland but lives in the UK.

Clodagh McKenna is an Irish Chef, TV presenter, and author. She has written about 7-8 cookbooks.

Chef: Clodagh McKenna Children -Where Is She From?

Chef Clodagh McKenna doesn’t have children with her husband, Harry Herbert.

But she has three stepchildren. They are Harry’s children, which he had from his 25 years of marriage with his ex-wife.

She is from Blackrock, Cork, Ireland. But she lives in the UK with her husband.

Besides, Clodagh and Harry met at a Fortnum and Mason lunch through mutual friends in 2017. The couple was inseparable after that meeting.

Finally, on October 1, 2020, McKenna announced her engagement with Harry. Later on August 14, 2021, the couple got married at a traditional church marriage.

The wedding ceremony was held in Highclere Castle. The place is also known as the fictional Downtown Abbey (British series). Harry was born in that place.

How Old Is Clodagh McKenna? Age Revealed

Clodagh McKenna is 46 years old.

Moreover, she was born on May 10, 1975, in Blackrock, Cork, Ireland.

Besides, her husband, Harry, is 62 years old. He was born on March 2, 1959.

The couple has an age difference of almost 16 years.

Who Is Clodagh McKenna Husband?

Harry Herbert is Clodagh McKenna’s husband.

Chef Clodagh’s husband, Harry Herbert, is a millionaire. Harry comes from a privileged background. His father, Henry, was Lord Porchester, the 7th earl of Carnarvon.

Harry is the CEO of Highclere Thoroughbred racing and of The Royal Ascot Racing Club, co-ordinator of The Cartier Racing Awards. He is also a Tv commentator, Public Speaker, and Raconteur.

He lives in Highclere castle.

The couple met at the right time when harry was going through a divorce after 25 years of marriage. Similarly, Clodagh was also going through a breakup from a long-term relationship.

Likewise, Clodagh said that her husband is one of the kindest people she’s ever met.

Clodagh McKenna Net Worth Explored

Clodagh McKenna’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-3 million.

She films her cooking show on ITV’s This Morning and also The Rachael Ray Show.

Her primary source of income is her Chef career. Besides, her husband her an abundance of wealth.

What Is Clodagh McKenna’s Instagram?

Clodagh McKenna’s username is clodagh_mckenna.

She has about 156k followers and more than 3500 posts.

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