Colin Stagg Wife Diane Stagg: Everything On His Married Life and Compensation

Colin Stagg and his wife Diane Stagg had ups and downs in their married life. Here are details on falsely convicted’s family life. 

Stagg was wrongly accused of killing Rachell Nickell. He was first arrested on suspicion of murder in September 1992 with no evidence.

He was even held in custody for 13 months. Ultimately, Stagg was cleared off the murderer and the real killer Robert Napper was caught.

The harrowing story of Rachell Nickell’s murder is explored in Channel 4’s series titled Deceit. Keep reading to find out more about Colin Stagg.

Who Is Colin Stagg Wife Diane Stagg?

Colin Stagg was dumped by his wife Diane Stagg as he was convicted for Nickell’s murder.

While Stagg was in prison awaiting trial, Diane had fallen for jailed sex offender Gary Howe.

Ironically, Gary Howe and Colin Stagg were friends. They together spend time in Wandsworth prison.

Heartbroken Stagg begged Diane to return. However, it never happened as she was dying for Howe’s attention.

Diane Stagg was working as a caretaker. She later told The People that Colin was ditched because he was boring in the bed.

As per the description, Diane is covered with tattoos on her arms, legs, and face. She had a weird fantasy about Gary Howe.

Lately, Dianne seems to disappear from the eyes of the media. Nobody has heard about her for a long time.

Everything On His Married Life

Colin Stagg and former wife Diane Stagg considered their marriage to be boring.

In fact, it did not last for long years, as Diane slowly fell for Gary Howe.

As of now, Colin Stagg is not married. But he is planning to get married soon.

He is currently dating his longtime girlfriend Terri Merchant, according to Daily Mail.

Stagg told Raw Mirror that his wedding is happening very soon in a registry office. The pair have been living together for almost 5 years.

They were connected through a social networking site named Friend Reunited.

How long was Colin Stagg in jail? Compensation Details

Colin Stagg spent one year in jail at Wandsworth prison.

However, he is a free man now and is living a blissful life with his newly found partner.

According to the Mirror, Colin had sued Professor Paul Britton for accusing him of Rachell Nickell’s murder.

He also won the lawsuit and made compensation of $970,273 ( 706,000 pounds).

While Colin is still rebuilding his own life and living in relative anonymity, he feels Napper should be given the death penalty.

In the drama series, Deceit, Stagg of 58 years old finally gets justice for a crime he never committed.

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