Cynthia Blaise Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Ex-Wife Of Keegan-Michael Key

Cynthia Blaise is unfortunately not available on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, we have gathered details to make a short bio on the actress.

Cynthia Blaise is the ex-wife of Keegan-Michael Key

She is an actress and speech trainer.

Everything On Cynthia Blaise: Wikipedia

Cynthia Blaise is an American actress, dialect coach, and speech trainer. Blaise has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon.

She did her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California.

Cynthia has taught speech and acting classes at universities like Temple University, Wayne State University, and the University of Illinois.

She has worked as a speech organizer and dialect coach for Bad Apple in 2004, The Spitfire Grill in 1996, Miami Vice in 2006, Faster in 2010, Justice 2006, and Hardcore Henry in 2015.

What Is Cynthia Blaise’s Age?

Cynthia is 63 years old. 

She was born in 1958. However, the month and date of her birth are not known.

Since love doesn’t know any age, she was reportedly 14 years older than Michael.

On Cynthia Blaise’s Family

Cynthia Blaise has low-keyed the information on her family.

Nothing is much known. She has kept the details of her family a secret during all these years.

Once we are not notified of Blaise’s family, we will update the necessary information on our page.

Net Worth Of Cynthia Blaise

A source named VeryCeleb estimated that Cynthia Blaise’s net worth amount to $1 million. 

When Michael and Cynthia finalized their divorce in 2017, Keegan was ordered to pay Cynthia $34,000 per month as spousal support.

And as well as 21 percent of his gross annual income from all sources. And it was said that the total spousal support payable from Michael to Blaise each year shall not exceed the sum of $700,00.

Key is rich and has a lot of wealth. His net worth stands at $12 million. 

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