David Matusiewicz Biography, Wikipedia, Daughters & Family – Christine Belford Murdered

Is David Matusiewicz On Wikipedia? No he is not. Matusiewicz is in prison for the murder of his ex wife Christine Belford. See his family and daughters details.

David and his ex-wife Christine Belford were fighting for the custody of their children before it ended in the tragic death of Christine. David’s parents became obsessed with getting sole custody of the children.

The Investigation Discovery’s “Web of Lies: Web of Spies” details Christine Belford’s death. She had to suffer through years of stalking and harassment from her ex-husband and in-laws.

Is David Matusiewicz On Wikipedia?

David Matusiewicz is not on Wikipedia.

David was an optometrist and worked in Newark, Delaware. He met Christine Belford in 1993, and they worked together at the same doctor’s office. Five years later, they began dating, and they finally got married in 2001.

Their relationship began affecting when David’s parents, Thomas Matusiewicz and Lenore Matusiewicz, moved in. Christine filed for a divorce in 2006, and she and Matusiewicz got split custody of their daughters.

David Matusiewicz Daughters And Family Details Revealed

David Matusiewicz and Christine Belford had three daughters.

Their daughter, Laura, was born in 2002, Leigh was born in 2003, and Karen was born in 2005. Christine had another daughter, Katherine, born in 1996 with her first husband, William Moffa.

David Matusiewicz’s family lived in Middletown, Delaware, in a large four-bedroom house. He lost all parental rights after David and his mother kidnapped his three daughters and fled to Central America, reports Delaware Online.

After the death of Christine and David’s imprisonment, Laura, Leigh, and Karen got placed in the state’s care.

Christine Belford Murdered

Christine Belford was murdered on February 11, 2013.

Belford reached the court with her friend Laura Beth Mulford. They were present at the court in New Castle County, Delaware, for the scheduled child support hearing.

Thomas Matusiewicz shot and killed bort Christine and Belford.

Matusiewicz, with the help of his parents and sister, stalked and harassed Christine over the years. The obituary of Belford’s death was posted on several news outlets. One can read about Christine’s death on several Reddit threads.

Where Is Matusiewicz Now?

David Matusiewicz is currently incarcerated in Terre Haute, Indiana, at the United States Penitentiary.

Matusiewicz’s case was the first of its kind. David, his mother, and sister were found guilty of conspiracy, cyberstalking resulting in death, and interstate stalking that resulted in death.

David requested a lighter sentence of 33 months in a written statement, where he said he was sorry for his father’s doings. But he received life in prison due to the heavy amount of evidence against him, reports The Cinemaholic.

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