Dawn Hubsher Age, Wiki, Height, Husband, Bio: Facts on TLC ‘sMothered’ Cast

Dawn Hubsher Age: Born on April 2, 1960, Dawn Hubsher current age is 59. She just bid goodbye to her last age two months ago with a fun-filled bash attended by close friends and family. However, despite approaching her 60s, Hubsher still looks as fine and attractive as she ever was. A perfect quintessence of beauty and talent, she is terrifically stunning with tantalizing good looks, daintiness, and natural charm. For the mother of a 27-years-old girl, it’s unbelievable how impeccable Dawn looks with blemish-free skin, glowy visage, and allure. Her age-defying facial features with glossy black waves, magnetic smile, and sparkling brown eyes makes Dawn shine from her daughter. Gradually working on her fitness routine throughout the years has helped Hubsher stay fabulous and in shape. The brunette beauty did transform her style over the years but her physique remains as same as it was, strikingly well-toned and lean.

Bio and Facts of TLC’s Mothered cast Dawn Hubsher

Even though she has been in the spotlight for many years, most part of Dawn’s life remains a mystery to her fans. The dynamic cast of TLC’s ‘sMothered’, Hubsher hasn’t so far mentioned about her husband. But she does have given a little sneak peek of her relationship with daughter Cher, a practice nurse. Her daughter who currently lives in New York with her hubby had enrolled at the College of Nursing program of the University of Florida.

Who is Dawn Hubsher’s Husband?

For a popular reality star of TLC, it’s far-fetched how Dawn has kept her private life immeasurably secret and hush-hush. It’s been so many years for her in the limelight and still, people don’t have any clue who her husband is. Married to a Jewish doctor in her early 20s, Dawn Hubsher hasn’t yet spoken about her husband/ partner on any social platform till date.

Dawn Hubsher’s Height

No stranger to TLC’s viewer, Dawn Hubsher is an absolute beauty stunner with spectacular good looks and comforting appearance. Timeless beauty, Hubsher still oozes classic Hollywood glamour and elegance with her virtuoso image, modishness, and charisma. With an average height and eye-striking voluptuous physique and well-toned abs, Dawn Hubsher does look pretty engaging and delightful.

Dawn Hubsher Wiki

No doubt, on her escalating popularity and fame that has traversed border and reached worldwide. Despite it, it is fairly shocking to see Dawn still in line to have an own wiki page. Thanks to the countless efforts and diligence of paparazzi, enough information has been discovered on Dawn’s personal life. Rose to fame with TLC’s family reality show ‘sMothered’, Dawn Hubsher is a residence of Palm Harbor, Florida. Since she remains tight-lipped on her private life, nothing much on Dawn’s family and parents has been discovered so far. Just like daughter Cher, Dawn was also in her 20s when she first tied the knot with a Jewish doctor. The identity of her husband, however, remains secret to the audience as the star hasn’t spoken candidly on it. Blessed with a daughter named Cher who came to public notice with MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet 16’, Dawn is soon-to-be grandmom. A graduate of the University of Florida, Cher is married to her love interest Jared and they presently reside in New York City. She is a registered psychiatric nurse, dating coach, as well as a television and movie actress.
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