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Deshawn Raw

Supa Hot Fire is the online adjust sense of self of YouTuber DeShawn Raw, who has showed up in various fight rap recordings on YouTube.

For the people who have been hiding away far from civilization for as far back as decade, Supa Hot Fire is the online adjust inner self of YouTuber DeShawn Raw, who has showed up in various fight rap recordings on YouTube.

The most renowned scene is Supa Hot Fire battling before a group and declaring to his rival: “I cut off my friendship with my ex. This is her telephone number.”

Here’s Supa Hot Fire’s unique video from longer than 10 years prior:

Supa Hot Fire, an image sensation and performer, was spotted at UFC 266 on September 25 at the T-Mobile Arena.

Fans were bewildered when the image wonder, who became famous online almost 10 years prior with a comical rap fight parody video, showed up in Las Vegas for the stacked compensation per-see occasion.

Fans recognized the hilarious YouTuber in the midst of the audience at UFC 266 when other celebs were in participation.

As indicated by KnowYourMeme, DeShawn Raw posted the first ‘The Rap Battle (Parody)’ video on May 25, 2011.

It was brought down from the stage in 2012, however was reuploaded in 2013, and has since gotten more than 9,000,000 perspectives.

The YouTuber keeps on distributing mocking rap sessions, with fans unequivocally preferring’ him over his rivals.

Supa Hot Fire was likewise shown battling different rappers in different clasps, which incorporated some big names like Soulja Boy, Chris Rock, and Timothy DeLaGhetto as the person’s unmistakable quality extended.

Deshawn is as yet perfectly healthy. He hasn’t been unwell or had any medical issues, as per reports.

Deshawn Raw is profoundly dynamic on his Instagram account. His username passes by thecareerofsupahotfire.

On his Instagram feed, the humor YouTuber responded to his visit to UFC 266. He announced himself a fan because of the experience.

“@halfwayblack had me Front and Center @ UFC 266 final evening. That was Crazy, I am currently a UFC fan. regard/@amrit_maraj.”

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 9:12 am

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