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Destiny Rogers is currently single but was in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Ricky. Destiny Rogers is a songwriter, singer and a guitarist. She is an amazing singer and has recently dropped her new single “TomBoy” On YouTube.

Destiny Rogers Singer Bio – Born and raised on a small town in Northern California

Destiny Rogers was born and raised in Lodi, a small town in Northern California. She was born on 1999, September 13.

She is the daughter of the church’s pastor father and a Mexican mother.

She went to Rio Valley Charter School in California. She wanted to sing when she was too young.

Destiny has a knee interest in skating as well. She learned skating when she was just 6 years.

She got her first guitar when she was 9 years old. After that when she was 10, she played her first song by Justin Beiber. From then she has been continually putting the effort in singing profession.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California. She is really looking forward to making a place in American singing industry and giving her best.

Destiny Rogers Singer Wiki – Known for melodious voice

Destiny Rogers is a well-known singer, a guitarist and she writes music. She is popular because of her cover song sang beautifully in her YouTube channel named ‘Destiny Rogers ‘.

She is also a skater as she has mentioned in her Instagram account. She had the passion to skate professionally in early age.

She has not many subscribers in her channel however, there are lots of views in the video she uploads.

Recently in 2019, she has uploaded her single “Tomboy” which is really good music by her. She has featured herself in the music video of the song where she looks fabulous.

Destiny Rogers Singer Boyfriend – Ex Boyfriend Ricky

Destiny Rogers was in a relationship with the boy named Ricky.

In her one of the Q & A session with her fans, she has mentioned just his first name. She has also written that they broke up because Ricky wanted someone else in his life.

In a recent tweet of hers, she has included a conversation of her and her little cousin. Where her little cousin has asked why she was not in a relationship. Her reply to this was she was not cute enough to make or have a boyfriend in her life.

However, she is seen in a picture with a boy named Miro Zuniga in their respective Instagram account. Though, followers are unknown about the relationship they share.

Destiny Rogers Singer Height – 5’6”

Destiny Rogers height is 5 feet 6 inch. She is an attractive and lovely girl with a mesmerizing voice and looks.

She has got straight blonde hair and a cheerful personality. She usually dresses tom-boyish and has perfect sense in fashion.

Destiny Rogers Singer Age – 19 Years Old

Destiny Rogers, a California native is 19 years old.

She is highly famous for her songs and cover songs of different celebrity singers on her own style.

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