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Dom Littlewood (full name Dominic Littlewood) is a British journalist and television presenter best known for his commitment to consumer protection in series like Cowboy Builders. Further programmes Littlewood has fronted include Don’t Get Done, Get Dom, Saints and Scroungers, Fake Britain, Dom on the Spot and Maximum Security. He is also a regular guest on BBC’s The One Show.

Dom Littlewood Maximum Security

On 15 July 2022, BBC One Daytime announced that Dom Littlewood will present Maximum Security, a new 10×45 series that will take a look at some of the Britain’s most secure businesses, buildings and Borders.

Dom will travel across the UK meeting the experts and see up-close what they do for security, and reveal the latest security systems and technology to get the low-down on how Britain’s biggest brands and institutions lock up and keep safe.

He will also be showing audiences how they can make changes in their day-to-day lives to keep their own homes secure. Plus this series will hear first-hand testimonies from people who’ve been a victim of crime, and made sure they have mitigated against it happening again, securing their homes, pets and valuables.

Littlewood said: “I want to help the nation protect themselves, their homes, families, businesses and even their pets from these unscrupulous thieves, so we can all feel a bit safer in our own homes. I can’t wait for audiences to watch and take away some helpful tips and tricks to scupper criminal activity.”

Acting Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak, Lindsay Bradbury said: “Maximum Security epitomises Daytime’s commitment to bringing relevant factual content to viewers that is both insightful and useful in our everyday lives. This series will captivate viewers and expose the lengths criminals will go to, to try and gain access into our homes and our livelihoods.”

Dom Littlewood Age

Dominic Littlewood was born on March 29, 1965 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. He is 57 years old (2022).

Dom Littlewood Diabetes

TV presenter and journalist Dom Littlewood was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 10. He became severely ill during a family holiday to Devon. His weight had dropped to 4st and his parents drove him to hospital, where he stayed for two weeks before being discharged.

In 2003, Littlewood suffered a severe hypoglycemia – a condition in which your blood sugar (glucose) level is lower than the standard range – while visiting his sister Teresa in Hong Kong.

He suffered a second health scare during filming for Strictly Come Dancing in 2007. While dancing with his partner Lilia Kopylova, a member of the TV crew asked him to check his blood glucose levels They were extremely low.

Littlewood was given sugary drinks and quickly recovered. When he asked the TV crew member why she asked him to check his levels, Littlewood told The Mirror that she replied: “I’m a bit embarrassed to say it, but it’s the first time ever that it looked like you could dance!”

Dom Littlewood Cancer

Consumer affairs expert Dom Littlewood was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 after a routine blood check for the Type 1 diabetes he has had since the age of 10. When he went to the doctor for his blood test to check sugar levels, he spontaneously decided it was a good opportunity to get a check-up.

At 47, he had high PSA or Prostate-specific antigen levels for his age. An important tool to test for cancer, these can also be a sign of other conditions – infection, prostate enlargement or inflammation – while some men have naturally higher PSA levels as they age. Dom was put on antibiotics but a week later, the levels hadn’t changed.

He was called in for a biopsy, which involves a small medical device being inserted, painlessly removing tiny parts of the prostate – a gland between the bladder and the penis – to be examined for cancer.

“The result was an early sign of prostate cancer,” Littlewood told the Metro. “The doctor said there was no urgency, I could finish my filming commitments, but it was important to remove the prostate gland as soon as possible.”

He was booked in not long after. A pain-free procedure called a radical prostatectomy was carried out, using miniaturised robotic instruments inserted through a small hole near the belly button, minimising the risk of intrusive nerve damage. The prostate was removed and in a couple of days Dom was back on hisfeet.

Dom Littlewood Wife

Is Dom Littlewood married? He doesn’t have a wife as he has never been married. He told The Mirror in a past interview: “I’ve always put work before relationships. I’ve had some great girlfriends, but they’ve never lasted.”

Dom Littlewood Parents

Littlewood was born to an air traffic controller father and teacher mother. The ITV One Show and Bad Builders Banged To Rights star lost his parents to cancer when they were in their 60s.

Dom Littlewood Family

Littlewood has three siblings, a brother and two sisters. Following his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2012, the doctors told him that prostate and breast cancer are linked, and to warn his family to be extra vigilant. His sister, Teresa, found a lump in her breast a month later, had a mastectomy straight away followed by radiotherapy and is fine now.

Littlewood describes married Teresa, who lives in Hong Kong, as “an absolute angel”. He told The Mirror: “She has adopted children, worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta for two six-month periods and she helps a lot of very sick people. My diagnosis helped save her and has enabled her to carry on doing the great work she does.”

Dom Littlewood Daughter

TV presenter Dom Littlewood doesn’t have any children either biological or adopted.

Dom Littlewood Net Worth

Dom Littlewood’s net worth is estimated to be €4 million.

Dom Littlewood Height

Littlewood stands tall at a height of 5′ 8″ (1.73 m).

Dom Littlewood Instagram

Littlewood’s Instagram is @dominiclittlewood.

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