Dua Idrees Real Mother -Is She Adopted? Meet Her On Instagram

Dua Idrees

Fans are curious to know about Dua Idrees real mother after the music director and YouTuber Shaam Idrees introduced Dua as his eldest daughter.

Dua Idrees is best known as the eldest daughter of Shaam Idrees after the celebrity introduced her as so.

Shaam Idrees, a popular music director and a YouTuber revealed about having an elder daughter Dua after having a baby girl with his now-wife, Froggy.

While opening up about her daughter Dua, Shaam said that she was the eldest daughter that he had with his first wife around 10 years ago.

Now, Dua lives together with Shaam and his fellow content creator wife known on media as Froggy.

Besides being known as the daughter of a media personality, Dua on herself is a social media star at a very young age where she has over 50k followers on both Instagram and YouTube.

Dua Idrees Real Mother- Is She Adopted?

The young star, Dua Idrees’ real mother was not revealed by Shaam Idrees but she doesn’t seem to be an adopted child either.

While introducing Dua to the world, her father Shaam said that she was the eldest daughter that he had with his previous wife.

Further discussing the matter, Shaam revealed that he got married to a woman in 2010 when he was around 19 or 20 years old, as reported by Nation.

However, the relationship didn’t last more than a couple of months.

Later, he found about having a child but kept the matter hidden until 2020 and made it public when Dua was a bit matured and understandable.

Believing this story, it is clear that Dua Idrees is not adopted and is the real daughter of Shaam Idrees. However, the real mother of Dua is not known.

Who Is Dua Idrees Father Shaam Idrees?

Dua Idrees’ father Shaam Idrees is a British professional music director and a YouTube content creator.

Through his videos, Shaam has established a massive fan following where he has over 1.4 million followers bot on Instagram and YouTube.

Talking about his works as a content creator, Shaam usually creates funny or parody kinds of videos along with regular vlogs.

Besides these, he also created music videos and short movies on YouTube.

Dua Idrees Age And Birthday

The fellow content creator, Dua Idrees’ age is 10 years old.

Similarly, she was born in 2010 to Shaam’s first wife who is still undisclosed to the outsiders.

Talking about her birthdate, even though it is not official, it looks like Dua Idrees celebrates her birthday on October 1 every year as known from Twitter feeds.

Believing this, the actual birthdate of Dua Idrees would be October 1, 2010.

Meet Dua Idrees On Instagram


Even though her Instagram account is not verified, the 10-year-old girl has over 52k followers on the photo-sharing app.

Likewise, Dua also boasts over 71k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she has uploaded 6 videos to date.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 12:54 pm

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