Everything On Willie Spence Weight Loss Journey: 600 Pounds – 18

Willie Spence

Willie Spence’s weight loss has got everyone talking. He is known for participating in the 19th season of an American Idol and has caught the audience’s attention after he mentioned losing over 180 pounds of his weight. 

Spence is competing to become this season’s, American Idol being one of the finalists of the 19th season of an American Idol.

If Willie wins the show, he will be the 19th singer to win the title.

Willie was back with another fantastic performance on Monday’s “American>Diamonds.” He sang the song for his original audition, which aired back in February.

Willie Spence’s Weight Loss Journey

Before his audition on American>, Spence opened up about a health fear that motivated him to lose weight to save a life. 

He turned himself into the hospital to get a checkup because he had pain in his chest. The doctors told Willie they found fluid in his lungs. He weighed 600 pounds. They said to him that he had to focus more on his health.

He went from 600 pounds to 400 pounds.

He worked out hard for his most extensive weight loss journey. He primarily focused on the diet as his central part of the weight gain was his unhealthy eating habit, which he controlled for his purpose.

He has a trainer now for the workouts. Good news that there are no fluids on his lungs as well turning him perfectly healthy. He also wants to make his body more fit and healthy.

How Much Willie Spence Weigh Now?

Willie currently weighs around 400 pounds.

He used to weigh 600 pounds before his weight loss.

Spence often posts his workout on his Instagram handle, which falls under the username @williespenceofficial with more than 447k followers.

Willie Spence’s Height

Willie looks tall, but his actual height measurement is unknown to the public media.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 12:52 pm

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