Golfer: What Is Xander Schauffele Ethnic Background? Meet His Mom And Dad

Xander Schauffele is a gold medal winner at the Tokyo Olympics, and people are now willing to know more about his ethnicity.  

Xander Schauffele is a professional gold player.

He has played in several tournaments and is also part of the famous PGA Tour. He has done several tours and has won many of them.

Xander turned pro in 2015, leading to a major finish in T2 at both the 2018 Open Championship and the 2019 Masters.

He also has a win on the European Tour. Xander’s latest victory is at the 2020 summer Tokyo Olympics, where he was a gold medal representing the United States.

What Is Xander Schauffele Ethnic Background?

Xander Schauffele belongs to a mixed-race ethnicity, as he was born in a family with many nationalities.

He can be considered one of the most versatile and mixed-race people, as his family tree belongs to 4 nationalities.

His father, Stefan, is a person who is half-french and half-german as he was situated in Germany and was later moved to the USA because of his accident.

Also, his mother, Chen grew up in Japan, is an immigrant from the Taiwanese naturalized.

Both of his parents were from different nationalities, and later went to the USA and got married.

Who Are Xander Schauffele Mom And Dad? His Parents Nationality Explored

Xander Schauffele was born to his German/French naturalized immigrant father Stefan and his Taiwanese naturalized immigrant mother, Ping-Wi Chen.

He has a long history of his relationship with sports, as he belongs to the family background of athletes.

Xander’s father was also a great golf player and was going to be a part of the decathlon.

But a devastating accident left him with very week eyesight, and he was out of the decathlon. He is now the coach of his son Xander and his swing trainer.

All of Xander’s grandparents and even great-grandparents were into the sports.

Johann Hoffmann played for the Austria national football team, and also Richard Schauffele excelled in track and field.

Talking about Xander’s official nationality, he is now an American official.

He doesn’t have the nationality of any other country and is considered an American citizen, and has won the gold in the Olympics from the American side.

It was Xander’s father’s dream to win the gold, and Xander has not fulfilled his dream.

Where Are Xander Schauffele Family From?

Xander Schauffele Family is from the USA now.

But in the past, they belong to many different countries, and that’s why Xander is a person of mixed race.

Officially, his mother is from Japan, and his father is from Germany, but both of them migrated to the USA and are US national citizens like their son.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 12:46 pm

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