Has Arlo Done A Face Reveal? Find Out Who Is Behind The Strings Of The Famous Blue Puppet

Fans have figured out who the faceless puppeteer of Arlo really is.

Arlo is a blue puttet and a gaming YouTuber . On his channel, he talks about games and consoles and also shares his opinions on them.

The puppet’s birthday is on the day of Halloween. He commentates and also relays gaming news in his videos.

Arlo is from America and was previously known as Arlostuff. He started his YouTube channel on November 13, 2014.

His main channel Arlo has more than 500,000 subscribers and 128,362,419 views.

He has 4 other channels apart from his main channel. Arlo Plays and Arlo Whatevz are his 2nd and 3rd channels.

On Arlo Plays he posts gaming content like playing Super Mario. While Arlo Whatevz is an unboxing channel where he unboxes pokemon cards.

He also has a podcast which he posts on the channel Arlocast. He features 2 guests every week on the podcast.

Has Arlo Done A Face Reveal?

Arlo has not done an official Face Reveal. But, the real person behind the puppet is no longer a mystery. The puppeteer is a small YouTuber named Jaggy.

His real name is Jaggy Thermas. He has a self-titled channel with 1.62k subscribers.

While the channel Arlo has had regular uploads, Jaggy’s self-titled channel has been inactive since 2019.

People started speculating that the faceless puppeteer was Jaggy after seeing him in conventions with the blue puppet. Fans figured out the truth by comparing Jaggy’s voice and comedic style with Arlo.

How old Is Arlo? Age And Net Worth

Arlo’s age is not known to the public.

It is only known that the puppet’s birthday is on the 31st of October.

Arlo does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Arlo has an estimated net worth of about $381,000 and growing.

As the amount is just an estimation, it is suspected that Arlo’s net worth is much higher.

He earns an average of $6000 every month from AdSense alone. Considering sponsorship deals and merch sales he earns a hefty sum of money.

Meet Arlo On Instagram.

Arlo’s Instagram handle is @arlostuff.

He has a following of 3402 followers on his IG. The page has a lot of jolly pictures of the puppets doing various things.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 4:45 pm

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