Has Clutch DF Revealed His Face? Learn Everything About The YouTuber

Has Youtuber and Streamer Clutch DF revealed his face? 

A verified NBA 2K content creator and streamer, Clutch DF has been giving quality gameplay on his youtube channel without revealing his face. And, people are eager to know what the face of their beloved streamer.

Who is Clutch DF and what is his net worth ?

Clutch DF is a Gaming Video Creator. He has been uploding his video on YouTube and has been streaming on discord regularly since, 2019.

Since the creation of his Youtube channel in 2019, he has been uploading different gameplay of NBA 2k. An AI simulation game based on actual NBA stars and their game strategy.

As NBA 2K hosts online events and tournaments, where players from around the globe play for the top position on reigning supreme on the charts. Clutch DF gives strategies, shows different ways a player can access their full potential in the virtual NBA gaming world.

With over 300,000 subscribers, more than 180k followers in Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok Combined, he has loyal fans guessing what he looks like in real life.

But Clutch DF has accumulated loyal fans and net worth of more than $53,000.

His earnings comes mostly from his huge subscribers and viewers in YouTube. Other than that, he earns bucks from his streams in Twitch where viwers give any amount they prefer to their favorite streamers.

Clutch DF has total views of 17.66 millions on youtube, with 42.85k views every video.

Where is Clutch DF based in and his birth date?

There isn’t much known about him, and his life before YouTubes and Streams.

As per various sources online, Clutch DF is said to be from United States of America.

His birth date is listed as August 1, 2003; making him 18 years old as of today.

Social Media

Clutch DF is present on most top social media sites, Twitter, Fcaebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

He uses the platform to inform his viewers about the latest updates, uploads and snippets from his streams. Fans can also show their progress through these social media sites to Clutch DF.

The face reveal

As of now, his face hasn’t been revealed yet. Few youtubers have tried to reveal bis face howver, without any luck.

At the end of the day, with his face reveals or behind the gaming console, he has been killing it in the online gaming world with quality gaming contents.

Updated: September 16, 2021 — 8:57 pm

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