Has Dr Creepen Done a Face Reveal? Real Name, Age and Net Worth Revealed

Dr. Creepen has officially revealed his face in one of his YouTube videos. This article will tell you all about the storyteller.

Dr. Creepen is a YouTuber who narrates mainly horror stories. He gained many subscribers to his channel and is primarily viewed as one of the best storytellers.

He only narrates books from those authors who have assigned him to read their plots. The YouTuber usually reads out three times a week, and he can be found on Spotify as well.

There is an update about his face reveal. Learn everything about his real identity, name, and age and explore his Net Worth information through this article.

Update on Dr. Creepen Face Reveal 

The YouTuber has revealed his face via his YouTube video back in the year 2016. At the request of his fans, he displayed photos from his past.

He was a little hesitant to reveal his photographs in public.

However, the YouTuber did not want to disappoint his fans, so he immediately surprised them with photos that went viral.

In his face reveal video, he describes that the photographs were not recent ones. It was from various time durations of his life, and we could see variations in each picture as he was in long hair during his early days.

He had sarcastically said that he used to be more handsome than he is now. The YouTuber also stated that he does not like to expose his face on a public platform.

Real Name of Dr. Creepen is Still a Mystery- His Age

Despite having the Q and A session, Dr. Creepen has kept his real name a secret. Similarly, his exact age is still a mystery, but from the photos he revealed, we assume that the YouTuber is around his mid-30s.

As per his Twitter handle, he is British by nationality, but the YouTuber currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. The details about his ethnicity and anything related to his personal life are still under our review, and we will update them soon.

The YouTuber has only limited himself to sharing professional life details. He is available on almost all social media platforms, but we are entirely unaware of his background.

Creepen Net Worth As of 2021

The Net Worth of Dr. Creepen as of 2021 has been revealed, USD 145,00. He has more than 282k people who have subscribed to his channel and therefore earns a pretty good amount from the platform.

On average, the YouTuber earns more than $2900 per month from YouTube. We believe that he also makes a reasonable sum of money by promoting various brand endorsements through his videos.

Updated: October 10, 2021 — 8:56 pm

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