Has Fatimadetetuan aka Fatima De Tetuan Done A Face Reveal? Find Her on Tiktok

Fatimadetetuan is a female TikTok star and she hasn’t revealed her face up to now. Find her age and nationality here.

Fatimadetetuan is a social media personality dynamic on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media handles but has never uncovered her face.

His videos and photos on the social media handles are covered with a Muslim dress, burkha. It is not that she feels shy to show her face or has any problem on her face, but it might be her style of making videos.

Although she has numerous fans and followers across social media platforms, none of her fans have seen her unmasked pictures and videos. People are eagerly waiting to see her entire face, but she doesn’t reveal it.

In her recent deleted video, she has accidentally shown her face, and her followers have seen her entire face, but after deleting the video, she has requested them not to save it.

She tries different tricks to keep her face hidden; sometimes, she wears a mask or a burkha; sometimes, while uploading a picture, she blurs her mouth and nose area and does various other things to keep her full face hidden.

Has Fatimadetetuan aka Fatima De Tetuan Done A Face Reveal?

Not, intentionally but Fatimadetetuna’s face was exposed accidentally on the social media platform TikTok.

She posted a video saying she accidentally uploaded a face reveal on the forum.

Further said, she is acceptable to show her face individually or offline but, while she is online or uploads the video, she wants to keep it hidden. Maybe the reason to keep her face hidden is that it is what she has been famous for.

In the video where her face was revealed, she asked her fans not to save it or delete it if they have kept it.

Fatimadetetuan Tiktok

Fatimadetetuan is a female TikTok star, and she is dynamic on the platform as @fatimadetetuan.

Currently, she has 603.4k followers and has 18.9M likes on her overall videos. As her trend or style of uploading videos and photos covers her face, none of her followers have seen her entire face.

She has uploaded several videos on TikTok, and all are masked up with burkha.

Fatima usually uploads unique videos, but her fashion style remains the same, with only half face shown.

What Is Her Real Name?

Fatimadetetuan’s real name is Fatima De Tetuan.

She is known through her name as she has compact it on her social media handles.

Currently, she is 20 years old- born in 2001.

Updated: September 17, 2021 — 10:06 am

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