How Much Did Walter Ogrod Get For Compensation? Man Who Got Wrongfully Convicted For Murder Case

Has Walter Ogrod got any compensation except being free and justice being served? What about those haunting nightmares and injustice that he spent in prison for almost three decades for no reason?

Walter Ogrod was wrongfully convicted of murder.

The murder case came into action in 1988 after the young toddler Barbara was mercilessly killed. And, the alleged murderer, who was held responsible for the murder, turned out to be the innocent one as per Inquirer.

Did Walter Ogrod Get Compensated?

No, Walter Ogrod did not receive any kind of compensation as per Daily Mail.

The Pennsylvania resident Ogrod has no other savings than from unemployment and disability payments. As Pennsylvania doesn’t compensate wrongfully convicted victims, he was not compensated anything by the state.

For the mental and physical torture that he went through in jail, we feel that he should be enormously compensated.

Firstly, Walter did not commit any crime, but in return, he was falsely accused of murdering a 4-year-old girl. And for that, he had to spend almost 30 years of his precious time in prison and for a crime, he didn’t even do.

On the contrary, it is discovered that to help prevail justice, the victim Barbara Jean Horn’s family organized a fundraising program on Go Fund Me site.

For now, $5,172 has been raised of $10,000 goal to remunerate the investigator helping to solve Barbara Jean’s murder case. The pay will also go for the purchase of equipment and supplies necessary for the investigation.

Walter Ogrod Murder Case Story Explored

Although Walter Ogrod’s injustice has been reversed, the murder case of Barbara Jean is still ongoing.

This case started in 1988 when the young girl Barbara was brutally killed in Philadelphia. The young girls’ parents meticulously began searching for her after they noticed their daughter’s disappearance.

Later Barbara’s body was found in a TV box near their home area after two hours of non-stop search.

For finding the culprit murderer, the investigations went on and after nearly 10 years of investigations and all, the suspects for the murder went on to the victim’s neighbor, Walter Ogrod.

Thankfully, an innocent person was finally freed from jail in June 2020 after being proven non-guilty.

What Is Walter Ogrod Age?

Walter Ogrod is 56 years of age as of August 2021.

He was in his 20s when he had to experience the worst nightmare of his life.

Walter Ogrod Update 2021: Where is he now?

Walter Ogrod told some news media that he would like to continue his work in the trucking field.

That was the same job he did before when he was arrested. As per his Facebook posts, Ogrod is spending quality of his time with his family, peers, and other closed ones.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 12:08 pm

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