How Old is Niki Savva? Age Revealed

What is Niki Savva age? Her age seems to be around the early 60s. Learn more about her Wikipedia and husband.

Niki is a professional journalist, author, and former senior adviser to prime minister John Howard and Treasurer Peter Costello.

She was one of the most senior correspondents in the Canberra Press Gallery. Niki was also Peter Costello’s press secretary.

<strong>Her Net Worth</strong>

Savva is yet to disclose details of her net worth.

We assume that she has earned more than enough with such a vast career.

<strong>Niki Savva Husband And Family</strong>

Nikki Savva is married to Vince Woolcock, a Liberal political staffer.

However, she has not shared much about her husband and married life. Niki’s father Andreas emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1951 and she followed with her mother Elpiniki and brother Steven several years later.

Her sister Christiana’s illness and tragic death at 43 caused Savva to reconsider her career in Journalism in 1997.

<strong>Is She On Wikipedia?</strong>

Niki is available on Wikipedia with a well-decorated biography.

We can also find her bio on several other online resources.

Savva started working as a journalist at the Dandenong Journal before moving to The Australian Newspaper. She has also worked for Costello for six years.

Niki now writes as a columnist for The Australian and appears regularly as a panelist on the ABC’s Insiders program.

<strong>Niki Savva Age And Family </strong>

Niki Savva age seems to be around 60-70 years old.

However, we don’t have details about her exact date of birth. Savva was born in the village of Choli, Cyprus. Later, she emigrated to Australia with her family. She grew up in Doveton, an outer suburb of Melbourne.

Savva attended Doveton Primary and Doveton highschool where she was a perfect student. Then, in her early 20s, she moved to Canberra to work as a correspondent in the Canberra press gallery.

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