Is Alex Lovell Pregnant? Learn Everything About The Television Presenter

Television presenter and British TV personality Alex Lovell seem to be supporting a little extra weight around her belly. Is she pregnant? 

From attending a drama school in the small city of tents to being a prime time TV host for BBC, Alex Lovell has come a long way in her life.

Active in the industry since the 1990s, Lovell has been a familiar face to the British people.

Lovell has always been a people lover and has been an avid supporter of the charity called Sense.

It is a charity about deaf and blind people.

Is Alex Lovell Pregnant?

No, Alex Lovell is not pregnant.

She has not confirmed the news to any news outlets or media websites.

We are sure that when she is blessed with a child, we would be the first ones to know.

Who Is Alex Lovell Husband?

The name of Alex Lovell’s husband is Gavin Shorter.

She announced her engagement to Shorter in April of 2007

As of June of 2008, the couple has been happily married.

Shorter has been very supportive of her career and has refrained from demanding children, unlike other husbands.

We hope to see them blissfully married in the coming years as well.

You can find her Twitter @alexlovelltv

Alex Lovell Age: How Old Is She?

Alex Lovell’s age is 48 years old, and she was born on the 28th of March 1973.

Her place of birth is Gravesend Kent, located in England.

Did Alex Lovell Have A Stalker?

Indeed in 2019, a viewer of Point’s West became obsessed with the television host. He went on to harass her at her workplace.

She suffered mentally because of the incident.

She managed to send her stalker to jail for 6 years and now lives peace full life.

Alex Lovell Net Worth And Salary

The net worth of Alex Lovell is 900,000 dollars.

The primary source of income for Alex Lovell is her prime-time BBC West show for the local news.

In addition to that, Lovell also works as an actress, journalist, newsreader, and TV presenter.

In the late 1990s, she Presented Playhouse Disney with her partner Dave Philips on the Disney Channel.

Moreover, Lovell is known to have participated in lunchtime quiz games.

In 2011, she starred in an episode of Casualty.

She has also managed to participate in a few voice-over projects making her household name.

Indeed, working for so many networks and news channels must have boosted her net worth to untouchable heights.

Updated: October 2, 2021 — 3:05 pm

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