Is Barry Keoghan Gay? Partner Or Girlfriend Amid Sexuality Rumors

Barry Keoghan

Is Barry Keoghan gay? Amid his sexual rumours, his girlfriend proves that he is straight. 

The upcoming Marvel movie “Eternals” will feature MCU’s first openly gay superhero. The character is alleged as Phastos, played by actor Bryan Tyree Henry.

In real life, there are rumours that Barry Keoghan, who is set to appear as Druig in Eternals, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. But, this is not true.

Is Barry Keoghan Gay? Partner Or Girlfriend Amid Sexuality Rumors

No, Barry Keoghan is not gay.

Contrary to rumours, Barry Keoghan’s sexuality is actually heterosexual. In fact, he has a pretty happening dating life with the opposite gender.

For a long-time, Barry Keoghan dated his partner, Shona Guerin.

The former couple was in a living together relationship in LA together. Fans even speculated that Barry Keoghan might make Shona his future wife. However, the lovebirds broke up last year and have unfollowed each other on social media.

Now, Barry Keoghan is allegdely to be dating his new girlfriend, Alyson.

Keoghan made his relationship public in 2021 by wishing Alyson on her birthday. He even requested Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to wish Alyson a happy birthday.

Nevertheless, Barry Keoghan at 28 years old age is not married.

Actor Barry Keoghan Assault – What Happened?

Recently, actor Barry Keoghan was reportedly assaulted in Galway.

In the early hours of last Sunday, Barry was found with serious facial injuries outside the G Hotel. The medics immediately rushed him to Galway University Hospital for treatment.

The doctors treated the actor for wounds and cuts in his face. Luckily, he was released from the hospital shortly after.

Prior to the assault, people have spotted Barry around MP Walsh bar on Dominick Street. Likewise, he even took a picture with the local hairdresser.

However, the circumstances that led to the altercation is not revealed yet. Furthermore, Keoghan’s official representative has not commented on the situation.

The Green Kight actor, who is known for his amicable personality, has not filed a complaint against the assaulter yet.

Learn About Barry Keoghan Wikipedia

Eternal star Barry Keoghan is also featured by Wikipedia biodata.

He was born on the 18th of October in 1992. Similarly, he grew up in Summerhill, Dublin along with his brother in foster care and foster homes.

When Keoghan was just 12 years old, his mother passed away from a heroin overdose. He was eventually raised by his grandmother and aunt.

Today, the same Barry Keoghan owns a net worth of around $12 million USD. He has been involved in the film industry since 2011.

Except for Eternals, Barry is also scheduled to appear in Batman (2022) starring actors like Robert Pattinson and Zeo Karvitz.

Updated: September 19, 2021 — 10:59 am

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