Is Brian Tamaki Arrested And Charged For Leading Anti-Lockdown Protest? Petition Explained

Is Brian Tamaki Arrested And Charged For Leading Anti-Lockdown Protest? Here is everything you need to know about the politician and religious leader. 

Brian Tamak is a New Zealand politician, right-wing political activist, and religious leader who is currently trending on the web and media.

He is widely recognized as the church leader for the Destiny Church and his campaigns regarding religious movements.

Well, currently, he is popular after he was seen in an anti-lockdown rally and people got a good look at him in the protest.

Because of this, a lot of people are eager to find out more and more about who he is as a person and discover matters about his personal life and professional life.

Indeed, matters about his arrest, possible charges, net worth in 2021, wife, family, Wikipedia, and many other related matters are rising all over the web.

Is Brian Tamaki Arrested And Charged?

No, Brian Tamaki is not arrested yet and neither is he charges already.

However, he is set to be charged for matters regarding the Covid-19 public health response act and alert level 3 order.

To be precise, he was seen in a rally relating to the ongoing lockdown in New Zealand.

About 1000 bikers were in the city, violating the covid protocols, and later it was found that the leader of the ani-lockdown protest was, indeed, Brian Tamaki.

He even said that it is okay to live a dangerous life in freedom than a peaceful life in slavery.

Many people have even trolled him for this because nothing about the lockdown looks like slavery in any way.

Anyways, for all the things he did, he is set to be charges and then surely, arrested. The notice of charging him is already released, so the actions will be taken pretty soon.

Stick with us to find out what will happen and what time he will face after all the charges will be made upon him.

Brian Tamaki Net Worth 2021 Explored

Brian Tamaki has an estimated net worth of about $5 million.

However, this is not a vale revealed by any official sources or Brian Tamaki himself.

Rather, we have estimated this value based on his career as a politician, his long life experience, and religious campaigns, so he surely does have a net worth of about five million dollars.

Brian Tamaki Wife And Family

Brian Tamaki is a married man, and he has been with his wife Hannah Lee for a very long time.

Indeed, he got married about 41 years ago, which is about 4 decades ago, in the year 1980.

In these years of his marriage with his wife, he has given birth to 2 children, his son Samuel Tamaki, and daughter Jasmine McPhee.

Indeed, his wife and 2 children are a part of his family. Also, his children might also be married to their partners and have ids, who are also the possible members of his family.

Is Brian Tamaki On Wikipedia?

Yes, Brian Tamaki is surely on Wikipedia because he is a renowned personality and has quite some followers.

His Wikipedia page consists of information regarding both his personal life and professional life, but the personal details are not very explained.

His life as a church leader and his political activism career have majority covered his Wikipedia handle.

Not just this but the allegations against him regarding sexism, homophobia, and building cults have also been mentioned on Wikipedia.

He has made many offensive comments regarding many matters like calling Islam a “False religion”, demanding the absence of Women in politics, transphobic statements, and many more.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 1:05 pm

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