Is Dierks Bentley Gay? Everything To Know About Him

You might be wondering if Dierks Bentley is gay or not after his friend’s announcement. Read the article to find out.

Born on November 20, 1975, Frederick Dierks Bentley is a country music singer and songwriter from the United States.

Both his debut album and 2nd album “Modern Day Drifter(2005)” were certified platinum, followed by his third album in 2006’s “Long Trip Alone”, which is certified gold.

Is Dierks Bentley Gay?

After T.J. Osborne came out as gay in Feb 2021 publicly, you might be thinking, what about the guy Dierks Bentley, who is always traveling with him.

Dierks made a post expressing his happiness and support for Osborne after his announcement.

But, No, Dierks Bentley is not gay himself. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being gay, we have to accept who we are and should not be ashamed of our identity.

We cannot just assume that the guy is gay just because he hangs out a lot with his guy friend and rarely post a picture with a girl.

He is straight and has a beautiful wife with three kids.

Dierks Bentley Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend- Learn About His Married Life

Since Dierks is straight, he does not have a boyfriend.

Instead, he is married to his high school friend, Cassidy Black, on December 17, 2005.

Back in Arizona, they met in eighth grade. Dierks previously told reporters, “It’s a really wild narrative of just going back and forth with the perfect time or the wrong moment, or right place, wrong time, and all that stuff.”

Though they tried dating in high school, they were separated soon as Bentley moved to Nashville and Black to San Francisco, Calif. But Dierks still used to sent love letters via FedEx.

Bentley laughs as he says, “That’s why I tied the knot with her! I was afraid those letters would be used to blackmail me!”

Bentley and Black are still going strong after more than a decade of marriage, three children, and innumerable memories.

Dierks Bentley Family Details

Cassidy is a co-owner of the Nashville salon franchise The Dry House.

They have three children and a dog named George, and they live in Nashville.

The couple also has a son, Knox Bentley, born on October 9, 2013, with his two elder sisters, Evalyn “Evie” Day Bentley and Jordan Catherine Bentley, born in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Knox featured in the music video for Bentley’s 2019 single, “Living,” and Evie sings on the song “Thinking of You” from Bentley’s 2012 album Home.

Dierks seems really pumped up to get his children into the same music career as his. The family seems to enjoy their life, doing all the adventure they had wished for.

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