Is Hannah Roberts Married To Anyone? Her Sexuality And Partner Details

Is Hannah Roberts gay? Find out whether the BMX rider has a wife husband or partner. Lets talk about her relationship and love life in detail.

Hannah is an American BMX freestyle cyclist. She became the first American to participate in the Olympics for BMX freestyle, where she won the silver medal.

Hannah started BMX cycling when she was only nine years old. She mainly got inspired for BMX from her cousin Brett Banasiewicz, the top BMX rider in the United States.

Even though Roberts is an excellent sportsperson, many people have raised a question over her gender and her sexual orientation.

Is Hannah Roberts Gay?

Hannah Roberts is not gay.

Her sexuality has sparked a debate and many have wondered if she is gay or transgender. There has been such an assumption due to the fact she dresses up in a boyish manner.

Hannah is probably a lesbian, and she is married to her girlfriend turned wife Kelsey Miller.

There might have been some speculation that the BMX rider was born man, even if the cyclist herself has not confirmed anything yet.

An article in VitalBMX reported that there had been few complaints regarding the athlete because if she was born a man, then she has a male hormone, and that would be unfair to other female riders who are competing alongside her.

Despite that, Roberts has not said anything to support or deny such statements.

Hannah Roberts Partner: Wife or Husband

Hannah Roberts’ partner is Kelsey Miller, with whom she got married in January this year.

According to Forbes, the couple got engaged on November 26, 2020, and later announced their wedding on Hannah’s Instagram within the five months of their engagement.

The Olympic champion and her wife Kelsey tied their knot in a small ceremony due to the pandemic and plan to have a much bigger ceremony in the future.

Hannah has stated in a post that she “can’t wait to make this house a home” with her “best friend,” and she is “eager for future adventures” with Kelsey Miller. The couples bought a house together back in October 2020.

The cyclist and her wife seem to be long-time friends before getting into a relationship with each other. The 19-year-old BMX rider recently celebrated her wife’s 20th birthday and posted a cute snap of them with a heartfelt message.

Hannah has not disclosed many details about her wife. Although, she has said that her wife has been very supportive with her upcoming Olympics debut and praised her for helping her to be well prepared for one of the greatest sporting events of her life.

She does not have a husband.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 3:36 pm

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