Is Jasmin Bekric The Religious Leader Arrested For Fraud? Everything We Know About Him

Is Jasmin Bekric The Religious Leader Arrested For Fraud? Get all the information in the latest happenings below!

Jasmin Bekric is an Australian religious leader. He is predominantly known as the chairman of the Bosnian Islamic Council of Australia.

Despite his stance as a religious man, he has now landed in legal trouble for money fraus.

Meanwhile, the news has created national headlines as his connection with the Islamic trust is questioned by the public.

Is Jasmin Bekric The Religious Leader Arrested For Fraud?

The religious leader Jasmin Bekric has been indeed arrested for money fraud. Per the reports, he has been found guilty of misusing the charity funds of around $100k for his personal benefits.

He has been charged with seven counts of money fraud, weapon possession including three counts of false statements to the law.

Bekric along with his group was under the watchful eye of the police regarding the matters. However, only unofficial claims were charged against him due to a lack of proof.

As of today, he has been arrested with enough proof of related illegal documents, cash, and weapons in Alan Street, Yagoona.

The sacred leader has been shown the way to Bankstown Police Station for cheating people for a very long time.

Who Is He? His Age And Wiki Explored

Jasmin Bekric, the infamous Islamic leader’s current age is 55 years old as of 2021. He was born in the year 1966, while his birthday details are not on display.

His birth name is Jasmin ef Bekrić per our sources. Other than that, he has been successful in keeping his family details away from the limelight.

Being a mufti, he runs the Bosnian Islamic Council of Australia, an Islamic council in western Sydney. He is also a member of ABH Islamic Society Dzemat Smithfield.

In the name of charity, he misused the donations of numerous donors throughout these years. His criminal activities tracks back to 2009 per our sources.

His recent wrongdoings have shocked the netizens while it has probably put his donors into a grave state of aghast.

Jasmin Bekric Net Worth Details Revealed

Jasmin Bekric surely holds his net worth figures in millions though the exact details on it are not accessible at the moment.

Considering his frauds, he has definitely stacked up heaps of money and wealth for his own amusement.

As his donors and the public are enraged by his recent arrest, they are demanding harsher and suitable punishment that Bekric pulled out his acts in the name of religion.

Updated: October 1, 2021 — 5:56 pm

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