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Who is Jacida Carter?

Jacida Carter born an African-American is renowned for the parabiotic relationship she has with American rapper and music sensationalist, Lil Wayne. Copious plowing on studies and meticulous research has rendered an in-depth survey with a palpable response on Jacida Carter biography, children, marital relationships, career, net worth, which you’d find in this post. First, let’s look at her profile summary below.

Profile summary

Jacida Carter Biography

Jacida Carter was born on the 30th of October 1962, In New Orleans, Louisiana, her coming of age and most central childhood episodes were all pivotal to Hollygrove 17th ward, a New Orleans impoverished neighborhood most infamous for its alarming rate of crime and unaccounted edifice housing criminal elements.

Jacida Carter Marriage and remarriage

During her high school years, she got entangled with Dwayne Michael Turner, and sooner than expected they got hitched, at the age of 19 Jacida welcomed her first son, Dwayne Jr better known as Lil Wayne.

Her love affair with Dwayne Turner staggered to an unfortunate stop and their marriage was terminated, with one party out of the marital matrix, Jacida was left with the 2-year-old Lil Wayne, raising him as a single mother

As the fast pacing reality conjured by time kept unfolding, Jacida crossed path with Reginald “Rabbit” McDonald and they tied the knot, with no knowledge of who his real father was, Lil Wayne accepted the foreigner into his life alluding him with the appropriate sobriquet as any boy would allude to a father. Reginald was murdered before his stepson arrived at the peak of his career.

Jacida had a second child, Semaj, 3 years younger than Lil Wayne’s eldest daughter, Reginae Carter. In April 2012, Jacida resolved to marry again, she strutted down the aisle with Avery Goff.

Jacida Carter Children

Jacida has 2 children, Dwayne and Semaj, and four grandchildren; Dwayne III, Neal, Cameron, and Reginae.

Jacida Carter Relationship with Lil Wayne

The pair had the usual mother and son bond, she delivered quality education to Her son, enrolling him in
The gifted program at Lafayette elementary school, and as he progressed he was opportune to attend Eleanor MCMain Secondary school for a couple of years. He got Induced into Marion Abramson senior high school and dropped out at the age of 14 to focus on his music career.

Frightened by the pseudo foresight of Lil Wayne’s future in Jeopardy, Jacida initially rooted against the idea of a career in rapping, but after assurance was ensured she succumbed to the idea.

Following Wayne’s massive boom, Jacida provided multiple spoken word intervals for his 2018 album ‘Tha Carter V”. She developed the opening track for the album, which is a less elaborate detail, expresses pride for her son’s success.

Jacida Carter Career

Her present line of work is still left unaccounted for, however, she has over the past few years served as a professional cook.

Jacida Carter Net worth and Salary

Her recent display of monetary worth reads a total amount of $200,000. She earned a fluctuant figure ranging from $12,000- $43,000 while serving as a cook.

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