Joes Daemen Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth: Everything On Somerset Capital Partners Founder

Joes Daemen is not found on Wikipedia yet. We believe he has billions of dollars in his net worth, as he is one of the richest people in the world. Learn more about his age and parents. 

Joes Daemen is the CEO of Somerset Capital Partners. He is one of the billionaires in the world.

Recently, the news of Jeff Bezos’s space flight has flooded the internet. Daemen’s teenage son, Oliver Daemen, is also traveling, becoming the youngest person to travel to space.

Many of us might wonder how much does he pay for the flight. However, both Daemen and Blue Origin agency has not disclosed how much he paid for the flight but it has been estimated that he made a payment of $28 million dollars. He definitely paid a huge sum of money to fulfill his son’s dream.

Joes Daemen Wikipedia

Joes Daemen is yet to be listed on Wikipedia’s official webpage. Still, he is reachable through various Wikipedia pages related to his company and space flight.

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He is a Dutch businessman. After obtaining the master’s degree in Agriculture Economics and Marketing from the University of Wageningen, he started to work as a broker in the financial market.

Furthermore, he was interested and focused on private equity and real estate. After selling his former company, back in 2009, he had founded his hedge fund Somerset Capital Partners.

Joes Daemen Net Worth

Joes Daemen’s net worth is under review right now.

Considering his company and space flight news, we believe he definitely has wealth worth billions of dollars. Recently, he ensured the seat for his son in Jeff Bezos’s space flight, winning the $28m biding in a public auction.

Joes Daemen Age

Joes Daemen’s age might be in the 50s. He has not revealed much of his data, including his biography.

Joes Daemen Parents and Family

As we already mentioned, Joes Daemen has not revealed information about his parents and family too.

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His parents are not known. Meanwhile, his son is Oliver Daemen. Oliver is the passenger of Jeff Bezos’s space flight.

Also, there is no information about his wife or girlfriend.

Joes Daemen is found on Twitter under the name @JoesDaemen. 

Updated: September 16, 2021 — 2:50 pm

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