Jordan Anderson Fiance: Emma Sarley Racist Video On Reddit And Twitter

Emma Sarley allegedly passed racist comments in a Brooklyn dog park, urging a black dog owner to stay in their hood. Is her racist video on Reddit and Twitter?

Emma Sarley is well-known for allegedly using racist language towards a dog owner who is Black.

Following the event, she has received a lot of media attention.

In the middle of all the buzz and debate, here’s everything you need to know about the event and Emma Sarley, the lady.

Emma Sarley Racist Video Is Viral On Reddit and Twitter

Emma Sarley’s racist video has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. In fact, it shows her discussion with the recorder and even showing her middle finger.

The black dog owner and his fiancee claimed her telling them to ‘stay in their hood.’

After the lady, Emma, had just shouted racial comments, the mistreated guy Frederick Joseph captured the video.

The event was quickly picked up by the social media globe when the video was posted on Twitter, and people have been talking about it all day.

While many individuals have spoken out against the lady, just a few have spoken out on her side.

Some individuals even offered her a job if Emma was dismissed, claiming that she was alone in the dark and was attempting to protect herself.

Who Is Jordan Anderson Fiance: Emma Sarley?

As per the reports, the alleged racist lady Emma Sarley is the fiancee of a man called Jordan Anderson.

She is a young woman from Brooklyn who works as an account executive for Bevy.

She has been identified as the same woman who appeared to be racially assaulting the man in a recent Twitter video.

Sarley appears to be in her mid-twenties based on her looks, and her LinkedIn page, which has since been removed, stated her job title.

Some folks were able to find her LinkedIn profile and get a screenshot before it was removed.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 2:26 pm

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