Jorge Azar Gómez Wikipedia: Everything To Know

Jorge Azar Gomez is a former representative of Uruguay to the United Nations. Lets get to know his Wikipedia details here.

Jorge was a former representative of Uruguay to the United Nations (UN).

He also served as an Executive General Manager at Azar Group, he had obtained more than thirty years of experience traveling the world, meeting people and market, governments, business people, investors to expand the markets to place product from Uruguay, Mercosur, and Latin America.

The great personality had passed away on Monday, June 14, 2021, due to covid-19, he himself had reported via Twitter on June 5 and also mentioned that he was vaccinated with the two doses of the anti covid injection; his body is buried today afternoon in the North Cemetery.

Find Him On Twitter

Jorge Azar was on Twitter on the user name(@AzarGomez).

He has more than 6,407 followers and more than 11k pushed-up Tweets on the platform.

Talking about his net worth or salary is unknown. But we can assume that he mostly had a good source of income from his profession.

Jorge Azar Gomez Edad And Biografia

Jorge Azar’s age is unknown.

There is scarce information about his biografia on the Internet.

However, he was born and raised in Uruguay. And hold an Uruguayan Natinolaity.

The former commander-in-chief of the Uruguayan Army, Guido Manini Rios, announced the death of Jorge Azar Edad on Monday.

Is Jorge Azar Gomez On Wikipedia

Jorge Azar has not been featured on the Wikipedia page.

There are no details regarding his family members and early life on the Internet.

He was a very active person appointed by the civil-military dictatorship Uruguayan to the United Nations, where he held the position between 1977 and 1983.

Azar was also Vice-Minister of Tourism and Consul General in Venezuela and had always vindicated the legacy of the former president of the country Jorge Pacheco Areco.

He had supported the political force in the 2019 election after supporting the internal election to former president Julio Maria Sanguinetti of the Colorado party.

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