Journalist: Who Is Kiran Rai And How Old Is He? Age -Everything On His Net Worth And Family

The British journalist, Kiran Rai, age 28, was seen drunk together with Katie Price which the reporter also confirmed. Are They Dating?

Kiran Rai is a professional British model and journalist who has written in over 105 magazines and 996 newspapers to this date.

Currently working as a freelance journalist, Kiran has come to the headlines after he was seen together with Katie Price enjoying in the NTA.

As they were seen together, people are curious to know about their relationship and what exactly happened between them.

Fuelling the matter, Kiran also revealed on his Instagram story that Price praised him for his eyes and was impressed by the journalist.

So, here we take a look at the age and other personal details of Kiran Rai along with discussing what actually happened between him and Katie.

How Old Is Kiran Rai?

The Sun reports Kiran Rai’s age to be 28 years old.

Taking this fact into consideration, Rai is thought to have been born in 1993 in the United Kingdom.

Similarly, his birthday is revealed to be February 12, making his complete date of birth to be on February 12, 1993.

Kiran is thought to have spent his childhood and early age in England and India but the specific details regarding his background are yet to be disclosed.

Does Kiran Rai Have A Wikipedia Bio?

No. Kiran Rai is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page.

Despite working in well over a thousand news portals and magazines, Rai is yet to do something on a big scale that can be globally recognized.

Hence, Kiran cannot be found on Wikipedia at the moment. However, you can find information about him on several sites on the internet.

Kiran Rai Family Details

Discussing his family, the British journalist and actor, Kiran Rai was born to his Indian parents, Balwant and Chandra Rai.

He is thought to have been born in England but spent his childhood in both countries as he is familiar with both the surroundings.

Besides his parents, no details of him having siblings in the family are known at this point.

Kiran Rai Girlfriend: Are Kiran Rai And Kate Price Dating?

No, Kiran Rai and Katie Price are not dating each other even though Kiran doesn’t have a girlfriend at the time.

First of all, talking about Kiran’s love life, he is neither reported to have a girlfriend nor the reporter himself has opened up about his relationship status.

Hence, he is believed to be single.

Now, moving towards his>Katie, it is believed that Rai and Price met at the party as both of them were invited.

Uploading a picture of them together, Rai revealed that both of them were drunk and in the meantime Katie asked for his phone number.

Further opening up about the situation, the British journalist mentioned that Katie praised his eyes and eventually asked for his Instagram account.

In response, Rai replied about not having an Instagram account and also said to Price to be a bit too old for him to be dating.

The gravity of this talk all lies with the reporter as the media personality, Katie has not opened up about anything.

What Is Kiran Rai Net Worth?

The journalist, Kiran Rai is thought to have a decent net worth of around $100k -$1 million.

Nevertheless, neither any official sources nor the person himself has confirmed his actual net worth.

Hence, we cannot exactly confirm the actual net worth figure but Rai is expected to have his wealth around the above-mentioned range.

Meet Kiran Rai On Instagram

Kiran Rai can be found on Instagram under the handle @kiran_rai99.

The media person usually uploads videos of his interviews of celebrities and other personalities while also sharing his personal pictures.

Updated: September 27, 2021 — 10:26 am

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