Karina Kurzawa

Karina Kurzawa, who is popular as KarinaOMG or Gamergirl, is a Canadian youtuber and social media influencer. Moreover, her actual name is Karina Colar. She has been nominated for the Kid’s Choice Awards.

The young yet talented star rose in fame when she collaborated with her brother in a video “Sis vs Bro.” If you are longing to know about this internet sensation, you have landed in the right place. Here are the 10 interesting facts about KarinaOMG.

Name Karina Kurzawa
Birthday March 27, 2007
Age 13 years
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Canadian
Profession Youtuber-Tiktok star
Siblings Ronald Kurzawa (Brother), Aria Kurzawa (Sister)
Married/Single Single
Instagram @kurzawa_karina
Tiktok @kurzawa_karina
Youtube Gamergirl, Karina Kurzawa

<strong>10 Facts</strong> on Karina Kurzawa

  1. Karina Kurzawa (born on March 27, 2007) is a youtuber, tiktok star and streamer. She is also a famous internet personality. She is from Canada.
  2. Karina hasn’t opened up about her height or weight yet. But we can estimate that she is about 1.4 meters tall. Her weight, however, is still under review.
  3. As of today, the youtuber is 13 years old. And, she is yet to have a wikipedia presence.
  4. Moreover, there aren’t much details about her family. Her parents are spotted in her videos but their names remain a mystery. However, she has a brother named Ronald and a sister, Aria. Ronald is also a youtuber like her.
  5. Besides,  Karina is a huge tiktok star. Till date, she owns around 1.7 million fans in tiktok. Also, her videos are liked more than 33.7 million times.
  6. Likewise, She has around 521k followers in instagram. But she is not spotted in facebook.
  7. But, her main source of income is her youtube channel. She has two of them. She first made her channel, Karina Kurzawa in 2015. As of now, the channel has about 1.25 Million subscribers.
  8. Also, she made another youtube channel just for gaming in 2016. It is called “Gamergirl.” The channel is very popular as it comprises of more than 4.3 Million subscribers.
  9. Hence, Kareena’s net worth is estimated from these income sources. Her total worth comes around $500,000. However, it isn’t official.
  10. Furthermore, her parents are the Polish immigrants in Canada. And her relationship status is single.
Updated: September 16, 2021 — 6:56 pm

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