Katie Rietkovich Browder Spouse: Is The Ole Miss Softball Coach Married? Scandal & Allegations Explained

 As Katie Rietkovich Browder has come to the limelight for her shameful acts, her spouse may try to hide in the dark.

At the University of Mississippi, nicknamed Ole Miss, several members of the softball coaching staff are under investigation.

They filed a complaint against an assistant coach who accused her of sexual misconduct with a player.

A Title IX investigation was launched after accusations that assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder had an affair with an athlete.

Katie Rietkovich Browder Spouse: Is She Married?

Katie Rietkovich Browder married his girlfriend CJ in December 2019. After marrying her spouse, she soon became a faculty member of Ole Miss.

Also, Katie did not share their relationship in detail. Therefore, little information is known about his wife and family.

However, he mentioned that the woman with the zoom lens said, “If your wife or any of your family members voted for Trump, she would be hurt.”

Ole Miss Softball Scandal? Allegations Explained

A Title IX investigation was launched after assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder had an affair with a student-athlete that came to light.

She was allegedly romantically involved with a senior student-athlete on staff when he was courting another high-level teammate.

The so-called improper relationship was discovered in July when his girlfriend discovered that the exchange of text messages with Browder referred to their relationship.

The girlfriend subsequently printed screenshots of the exchange and posted them on the coach’s computer in his office.

Is Katie Rietkovich Browder Fired?

As of the moment, Katie Rietkovich Browder is said to be in the process of being fired. Yet, update has to be updated on the case.

She is still under investigation for her immoral conduct with her student. Not her, a fellow coach of the university, Jamie Trachsel, is also under investigation as he is accused by many to sexually harass many female athletes.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 4:06 pm

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