Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae Cheating Rumors And Drama Debunked!

Are the cheating rumors surrounding Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae true? To get to the end of the drama, keep reading.

Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae are social media influencers – pretty popular in TikTok.

Recently, rumors of Katylee cheating Grace Waites have got the whole internet buzzing. Katylee apparently cheated her girlfriend with her ex-girlfriend Libby Mae, another social media influencer.

As the drama unfolds, the TikTok videos on the topic surpass 4 million views. It seems most of the TikTok users do want to know the gist of the floating rumors.

Are the rumors true? If true, how will it affect the relationship of the related social media personalities?

Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae Cheating Rumors And Drama Debunked

The whole Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae cheating drama and the rumors began after a sudden breakup between Katylee and her girlfriend, Grace Waiters.

Katylee made an announcement on 10 October about her breakup with Grace in TikTok. It was very unexpected, especially considering their recent trip to Spain. And with it came the speculations of her fans on the affair between Katylee and her ex-girlfriend Libby. Before the announcement, there were also rumors of them kissing.

The announcement was good – the fans were speculating and all. Then the situation suddenly turned hectic as a video of Katylee and Libby sharing a hotel room surfaced on the internet. The video gassed the cheating rumors, and the whole drama just got big.

Libby then responded to the video, saying that she, Katylee, and her mum had a management party in London. As for them sharing the same room, she cleared it by saying that her room was ready while Katylee’s wasn’t. Libby also added that the invitation was also there for Grace, but Grace refused. She also denied the cheating rumors stating their relationship to be that of friends.

Did the fans buy the stuff that Libby spoke about? Of course not. The fans never agreed and just kept on with their speculations.

So, did Katylee cheat Grace with Libby? Libby says that didn’t happen, but the fans say otherwise.

Who Are Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae?

Katylee Bailey And Libby Mae are social media influencers and ex-lovers.

Katylee, once a popular musical.ly user, is now a TikTok star with two million followers. As for Libby, she is also famous on TikTok with over two million followers.

The two popular TikTokers ended their relationship in 2021.

Updated: October 13, 2021 — 12:46 pm

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