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Hulu president Kelly Campbell’s net worth has been estimated to be a big figure of 5 million dollars. She is on the news after her resignation from the streaming service.

With this article, we will be exploring more on Kelly’s initial works with Google and Hulu and her robust personality.

Kelly Campbell was elected as the president of the Hulu platform back in February of 2020 after she served as the Chief Market Analyst there for nearly three years there.

Kelly has now left her job at Hulu in mutual agreement and has been deemed to be joining NBCUniversal as her next big step in life.

Since her early intern days, the Harvard MBA Graduate Class of 2005 has been an expert in the marketing field.

Kelly Campbell Hulu Net Worth

Kelly Campbell was the president of the Hulu platform, and she hosts a massive net worth of $2-5 million.

Kelly joined Hulu after graduating from Harvard Business School in August 2017 and after working as Chief Marketing Officer for 2 years and 7 months there, she was promoted by Disney to be the president of Hulu from February 2020.

She has been on the headlines after her LinkedIn post spoke about her leaving the president post with subtle hints at NBCUniversal as direct-to-consumer president there.

Kelly believes this was her dream job after her graduation, and since her election, she has scooped in a decent profit and liquidity and income flow to the platform.

She did her bachelor’s from Vanderbilt College and completed her MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

She was also involved with Google Inc. before 2017 and then she left it all for flourishing her growth here at Hulu.

She was also recruited as an Investment Banking Analyst at Fleet Bank and Growth Marketing Senior Director for Google Cloud.

All her analyst and business works have accumulated quite a colossal figure to her net worth, which beamed up from her initial 1 million mark to the present upper index of 5 million dollars.

How Old is Hulu President Kelly Campbell? Age Revealed

Kelly Campbell is 42 years old and she is now leaving her Hulu dream job for NBC Universal presidential post.

She was married to her husband Bill Kotzman, whom she met at Google job, and together the pair raises two sons of age 7 and 5.

Kelly Campbell Salary – What has LinkedIn to Say?

Kelly Campbell has been a great business and management figure for many tech companies and streaming platforms for television.

Her LinkedIn profile goes by Kelly Campbell with a short bio that reads “President at Hulu.”

She has more than 500 connections, and her skillsets include online sales, marketing, and management.

Her recent post shows her tribute to Hulu for taking her in and assigning big responsibilities on her shoulder and trusting her with such great and enthusiastic co-workers.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 7:36 am

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