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Kevin Cuenca Age, Birthday: The Emmy award-winning sports reporter, Kevin Cuenca was born in 1982 and celebrates his birthday on the 29th of July. He is 36 years of age.

Kevin Cuenca Short-Bio, CBS

Kevin was very fond of being a sports commentator from the very beginning. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Now he has been around in this field for about thirteen years now. He has covered many important games such as baseball’s World Series final and NBA finals. Above all, he gained recognition when he got a job at CBS as a sports broadcaster mainly in the LA region. His enthusiasm and knowledge have made him one of the more successful sports “guy”. He now has his own website and creates some original content. He has programs like “Blue Check”, in which he interviews players, social media stars and fitness fanatics. Similarly, in another program called “Passport Pros”, he travels to other countries and depicts the living condition and hardships of making it in sports in developing nations. In that program, he travels extensively and conducts interviews with the up and coming players around the world.

Kevin Cuenca Parents, Family

Kevin was born in San Diego, California. As per many reports, he lived in over more than 5 different American cities during his growing years. All thanks to his father’s job in the U.S. Navy. Kevin describes his experience growing up in different places, meeting new people of the different background has broadened his horizons and has made him a good interviewer. He has a brother with whom he played sports for hours in their front yard. He has a very good>pictures with her on social media. Meanwhile, his mother married for the second time and with the blessings of both sons and Kevin shared a picture on Instagram. Kevin posted a really heartfelt account of him traveling to Thailand and meeting his father after many years on the occasion of Fathers day. His main message was that it’s never too late to start healing the wounds that we have left alone for a long time, especially the family relations. His experience can be read here. They eventually buried the hatchet and his dad came to a game with him later that same year.

Is Kevin Cuenca’s married? Is his wife Filipino?

As far as his personal life is concerned, Kevin refrains from talking about it. There is no report that suggests he has a wife or a girlfriend for that matter. There were some speculations that he is seeing a girl from the Philippines. For instance, the rumors started when he went to the island nation for a documentary on a basketball player Simon Enciso, who plays professional basketball in the Philippines. As of this writing, the rumors haven’t found the closure yet. He keeps his personal life private and by the looks of it, looks to keep it that way.
Updated: September 13, 2021 — 2:51 pm

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