Krispin Hajkowicz Wikipedia Age and Net Worth: Meet New CHO of Queensland

Krispin Hajkowicz does not have a Wikipedia profile yet although he has been assigned as the new CHO of Queensland. Stay with us to learn more about him. 

He is professionally an infectious disease expert who will now replace Jeannette Young as a Chief Health Officer. Social media is trending with this news and everyone is sending him warm regards and congratulating him.

Meet New CHO of Queensland, Krispin Hajkowicz On Wikipedia

The new CHO of Queensland, Krispin Hajkowics is not available on Wikipedia yet. However, reports said that he is an expert on infectious disease who has worked through four pandemics including Zika and Ebola.

In addition, he has worked as a frontline worker during the state’s covid 19 response for 18 months at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. During the interview, he added that he has got a very good personal experience with the virus.

According to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, he also worked as an associate professor at the Univeristy of Queensland’s centre for clinical research.

Young praised him and said that she believes he will take on the responsibility efficiently as she has also been going to him for advice since the last 2 years of pandemics. She added that he has been in the lead and management of Covid cases.

How Old Is Krispin Hajkowicz? Find Out His Age

Krispin Hajkowics age is not specified on the Internet. However, as per the article in Queensland Government, his birthday is on March 01 when he was the first person to get the vaccine in the hospital he was working.

Besides, judging from his photos he should be in his 50s at present. He has been announced as the successor of Jeannette Young who hold down the position for 16 years. She will be taking the role of the governor from November.

She expressed that she believes Dr Krispin fits the position as he knows the health system intimately. The premier also paid tribute to him for his constant support and contribution during the time of need in the state.

Explore Krispin Hajkowicz Net Worth in 2021

Krispin Hajkowicz net worth is not mentioned anywhere. However, since he is an experienced doctor as well as considered an expert, we believe he has an impressive net worth.

In addition, he will be taking over the role of Chief Health Officer of Queensland which will probably add value to him and increase his worth.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 7:35 am

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