Kwame Ferreira Wikipedia: Facts To Know About The Businessperson

Kwame Ferreria’s biography is not written on Wikipedia. 

Kwame Ferreria is the CEO of the global innovation company ‘Impossible’ and the spouse of the famous British model, Lily Cole.

Who Is Kwame Ferreira? Wikipedia And Biography

Kwame Ferreria does not have a bio made for him on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, we have made a short profile on the CEO.

Kwame is the CEO of innovation company ‘Impossible’. He is originally from Angola however his ethnicity is different.

His parents used to film documentaries on Brazil, Portugal, Angola, many other countries.

He had spent five years in a classic fine arts academy in Lisbon.

And then he went to Boston to educate himself on Sociable Media and arts in Berlin.

What Is Kwame Ferreira’s Ethnicity?

His exact ethnicity is unknown.

Wife Of Kwame Ferreira: Who Is She?

Kwame Ferreira is the husband of the supermodel, Lily Cole. 

Lily Luahana Cole is a British actress, model, and also entrepreneur. Lily had started her modeling career when she was a teenager.

Kwame and Lily married in 2012. They had met each other when working together on a project.

It has been 8 years since Cole married the entrepreneur. And it was rumored that the couple is living in Portugal.

Are they parents yet?

On Kwame’s Children and Family

Kwame and Lily Cole have only one child together. It was a daughter born in 2015.

Wyle Cole Ferreria was born in September 2015. He is 5 years and will turn 6 this September.

Lily and Kwame are very private and haven’t revealed if they’re planning to expand their family anytime soon.

Kwame’s family was from Angola. They were not a native but had habituated there. His mother got remarried to a German after splitting with his father.

Net Worth Of Kwame Ferreira

The net worth of Kwame Ferriera is not revealed.

He is the CEO of an innovation company “Impossible”. There are no reports on how much the company generates revenue in a year.

However, Kwame’s wife, Lily is a millionaire. Her net worth is $14 million. 

How Tall Is Kwame Ferreira?

The answer to this is not available.

Kwame On Twitter

Kwame Ferreira is not available on Twitter. He has not opened an account on this platform.

In fact, Ferreira has no social media presence at all. He is not on Facebook, Tik Tok nor on Instagram.

On the other hand, his wife, Lily Cole is a popular face on Instagram. Her account is followed by 96.1k and she is a verified user.

Updated: September 13, 2021 — 9:30 am

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