Kyler Loves Jesus Age, Wiki (TikTok Star) Family, Net Worth, Birthday

Who is Kyler Loves Jesus? And why has he come in the news recently? That is the main topic that we will be focusing today in this story. Nowadays, it is not a hard task to become famous. With a number of social media platforms available, people can showcase their talent very easily. And if other people like the things they share, they are celebrities overnight. I don’t think that anyone with access to social media does not know about TikTok. Apparently, it is a video sharing platform that has made a ton of people famous. Although this platform is mostly used for fun, there are cases when certain things shared here has created controversies. Today, we will be talking about a TikTok user, Kyler Loves Jesus, who has been in the news recently because of what he shared in TikTok.

Net Worth

Apparently, we have no information about his net worth and earnings as of now.


As we already said, we do not have much information about Kyer. Therefore, we do not have information about his parents and family. However, we can make a guess that he belongs to a Christian family. Well, his TikTok name and Instagram bio point towards that direction.

Age, Birthday

Well, we don’t have much information about Kyler as of now. After all, he came into the news recently. Moreover, we don’t even know his last name. So, we don’t hope you would expect us to know his age and all. However, the photos in his Instagram might be of some help to guess his age. He seems to be in his 20s. At least he does not look old.


Well, we can’t say much about the man Kyler. The name Kyler Loves Jesus is the name that he has in TikTok. However, we don’t know what his real name is. So what did he share that made him the talk of the town overnight. Well, here is a video that made him popular. This video was shared by a user with the name Tayana on Twitter. The video was made using TikTok as you can see. And the person in the video is Kyler. As the information goes, the video created confusions among Kyler’s fans. In the video, he is talking about abortion and how it is not okay. The main thing that people are talking about is how he says that the act is “Mur-ter”. Well, other than that, there is the video itself. Apparently, people dragged him on Twitter. After that, he apologized on his Instagram. However, it was not accepted and he had to apologize once again. Moreover, you can read more about it on a source.
Updated: September 13, 2021 — 5:59 pm

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