Luke Catleugh

Luke Catleugh

Luke Catleugh is a youtube content creator who is also an entertainer on the youtube. He lives in London. He is a web influencer. Luke has a pet dog and she is called jess. He has 13 tattoos.

He loves to know about history. When he had a choice to choose between history and geography, he used to choose history from an early age. He loves to cook as well. Below are some facts about Luke.

Name Luke Catleugh
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 2 in
Nationality British
Profession YouTuber
Education University of the Arts London
Instagram lukecatleugh
Twitter @LukeCatleugh
Youtube Luke Catleugh

10 Facts on Luke Catleugh

  1. Luke Catleugh currently is 22 years old. Talking about his birth date which is not available on the internet.
  2. He is a rising star on youtube as an influencer and he is trying to get a wiki profile to feature himself on the well-known peoples.
  3. Catleugh revealed his height in a 2017 youtube video that he is 6 ft and 2 in tall.
  4. Luke has currently 21k followers on Instagram with the username lukecatleugh and he is a rising star on Instagram as well. He usually posts about foods and travel blogs on Instagram.
  5. Talking about his family and relationship status, he has never revealed anything about them.
  6. Luke is one of the talented youtubers. He knows how to speak German and he has learned it for 5 years at school.
  7. Before being famous on Youtube, he used to make coffee for a living. It was his one of the favorite jobs he did.
  8. On his youtube video, he revealed that he wants to learn dance at he has set his 2020 challenge to do so. He further said that he can sing well and he can play a little bit of piano.
  9. Luke first began to Blogging at the age of 17 years old.
  10. The Youtube star’s net worth is not yet estimated as of now as he is a growing star on youtube there is not more information on his Net worth.
Updated: September 17, 2021 — 5:23 pm

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