McconnellRet Face: Everything To Know

McconnellRet’s Face has been a mystery since the guy started streaming in 2015. Let’s dig into some of his details.

McconnellRet is a Twitch star who streams video games on the platform. He keeps his personal life out of the spotlight.

McconnellRet Face Revealed

McconnellRet’s Face seemed to be exposed at Dreakhack Austin in 2018.

Asmongold and Esfand called a guy the real McconnellRet at the event. They also took photos with him.

However, several McconnellRet’s fans claim that the guy they met is not the real McconnellRet. They say the two are claiming to be the real McconnellRet does not sound like him.

Many say the so-called reveal was nothing other than a publicity stunt. The guy even says in the video that he is not the real Mcconnell.

Well, we can tell McconnellRet’s Face is still a mystery.

McconnellRet Real Name

McconnellRet’s real name is yet to be discovered.

Besides, he is also known by the names McCool or McCuck.

Is McconnellRet on Wikipedia? His Twitch Account

McconnellRet’s Wikipedia page is not available as of now.

He has over 222 thousand followers on Twitch, a streaming platform. It has been over 17 days since he last streamed on his channel.

TwitchTracker reports McconnellRet has streamed over 1172 hours in his channel. Also, he has the highest of 13,905 viewers watching his steam concurrently.

Overall, he has a total of 3.7 million views on his channel.

His latest stream was on 19th April. It was titled ‘need rent money’ and lasted 17 minutes only.

There were 1.2 thousand peak viewers where he gained a couple of followers.

What Is His Net Worth? Is He On Twitter?

McconnellRet’s net worth is not available in exact figures.

However, one can easily assume him to earn quite a fortune considering his fan following on Twitch. He has been streaming since 2015.

He was on Twitter as @mcconnellret. But Twitter has suspended his account for an unknown reason.

Updated: September 28, 2021 — 7:39 am

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