Meet John Barilaro Parents On Instagram: Everything To Know About The Deputy Premier of New South Wales

John Birilaro, a successful Australian politician who served as the 18th deputy premier of New South Wales, is the son of immigrant parents. 

He is the Deputy Premier of New South Wales who is often brought into controversies. He is accused of having racist undertones.

Youtuber Jordan Shanks strongly accused Birilaro of corruption. He was arrested in 2020 for stalking Birilaro.

On the other hand, the politician has been focusing a lot on the safety and vaccination regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic after he lost his family members due to the virus.

Who Are John Barilaro Parents? Ethnicity Revealed

John Birilaro is an Australian citizen, born to immigrant parents who migrated from Calabria, Italy.

He was born in Queanbeyan on November 14, 1971.

John’s political career began after he was elected as an independent councilor at Queanbeyan City Council.

He developed his leadership qualities at a very young age when the president of Monaro Panthers Football Club.

He served there for eight years after helping to found the club. Lastly, he was seen supporting local mining and farming jobs at the event of Upper Hunters.

John Barilaro Parents And Family

John Birilaro lost one of his parents, i.e., his father, in 2020 but has children and his wife in the family.

John is married to a beautiful woman named Deanna. They are the parents of three beautiful daughters.

John’s father, Domenico, died at the beginning of 2020. He also lost his beloved aunt, Mario Inzillo, and her husband, Damiani Nesci, from Covid-19 in the December of 2020.

His mother’s name is Maria. He is still struggling with the emotional loss that he has faced.

John Birilaro Salary And Net Worth

John Biliralo’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $4million. As a deputy general, his salary is around $418,000. Wikipedia says that he has a family business where he worked in his early days.

So, his actual income is still unpredictable. But we are sure that the politician is wealthy enough. He was found launching $72 million in Macksville District Hospital.

Where Is John Birilaro Now?

John Birilaro lives with his wife and children in Jerraboberra. He has a rented apartment in Rushcutters Bay.

He must be at his home right now because of the increased effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The stay-home orders were applied to everyone in Snowy Monaro LGA since September 22 for a week. The order will be supplied to several other states from October 11.

Updated: October 5, 2021 — 1:05 pm

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